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19 Organization Tips for Pageant Day

organization tips for pageant day,girl kissing crown

Being organized and clean during a pageant will keep you calm.  If you are unflappable and prepared for anything, you look intelligent and will be less likely to panic. (Read: 17 Thoughts All Girls Have When Packing for a Pageant)

The motto for the Girl Scouts is “be prepared,” (yes, I know we stole it, but we are also better at it than those boys) and it should be your pageant day motto as well.  These tips will keep you prepared and organized, so you can concentrate on your absolute best performance.

19 Organization Tips for Pageant Day

  1. Put jewelry and other accessories for each outfit change into a labeled bag.  There should be a bag for each outfit and they should be in order.  Have another bag of extras on hand (my evening gown earrings always break before I go onstage, so I have a second set on hand).
  2. Have a small first aid kit handy, you never know what you will use it for, but they are useful.  Make sure there are band-aids, disinfectant, feminine hygiene products, and some basic medicines (ibuprofen, prescription-strength anti-nausea medication, allergy medication, and anything else you feel you might need).
  3. Have some standard office supplies on hand.  These include scissors, cleaning wipes (I once set my stuff down in a giant mess of baby powder), tape, permanent marker, and glue. (Read How to Apply and Remove Butt Glue)
  4. If you need to clean deodorant stains or baby powder off of clothing, an old pair of pantyhose works well.  Surprisingly, they clean any small particles up well, so bring some.  For liquids, have a Tide to-go pen.
  5. Put all of your makeup in a tackle box or makeup box.  Anything with various compartments to separate things out is good.  Organize it in the order that you use it.
  6. Make sure you have extra hair ties, bobby pins, and hairspray.
  7. You may not want to take your large sized makeup products.  Check Sephora or Ulta to see if they have travel-sized or sample products that might be more convenient.
  8. Face cleaning wipes are awesome.  I personally love all of the various Yes To wipes (there is cucumber, grapefruit, blueberry, and tomato towelettes).  Use them to remove makeup mistakes or tanning mishaps. (Read: 5 Rules of Spray Tanning Every Pageant Girl Should Know)
  9. If you are not great at eyeliner, make an eyeliner template using a post-it beforehand (just cut it in the shape you want your eyeliner and paint it in).
  10. Label anything that someone might borrow and forget to return (we will give them the benefit of the doubt).  This includes butt glue, your hair stuff, and any cosmetics that are expensive.  If you want to take it home and it could be confused with someone else’s stuff, label it.
  11. Have another sandwich bag containing extra rhinestones and glue, touchup nail polish, safety pins, double-sided tape, and any other items necessary to fix any clothes that could break. A small sewing kit is definitely handy. No one thinks they will have to be sewn into a dress until it happens.
  12. Clean your makeup brushes the day before and make sure they have enough time to dry before you pack them.
  13. Have a laundry basket on hand that can hold the jewelry box, a makeup kit, and all of your shoes.
  14. Have garment bags for your dresses and outfits.  Make sure to label your garment bags so you know which ones are yours.
  15. Check beforehand to find out if there is a steamer or iron available.  If not, I would invest in a portable steamer for future events.
  16. Have food and drink on hand.  Make sure that the drink is water, because you need to stay hydrated on a stressful day and you definitely do not want to spill anything that can stain on your clothes (that being said, do not spill the water either).  Your snacks should be healthy, but also cover two important groups.  You need quick energy from fruits and vegetables, as well as a healthy protein (like almonds) that will give you long-lasting energy.
  17. Have floss and mouthwash, just in case.
  18. Make a list of EVERY SINGLE THING you need to take with you on pageant day.  Check it off as you pack and again as you put things into the car. (Read: Pageant Packing Checklist)
  19. Get everything ready at least the night before the pageant, because you do not want to be scrambling to find that one thing that you forgot the morning before you need to be at an interview or rehearsal.

Did we miss anything? If so leave your tips in the comment box below!

Which dress do you like better?

7 thoughts on “19 Organization Tips for Pageant Day

  1. Yes it is 😉

  2. Is that the National American Miss crown?

  3. Cool!

  4. Yay it’s my beautiful sister! I just miss you so much! Seriously love this picture..

  5. I’d also add: Create a list of every outfit for each category of competition which would include:
    1. Outfit
    2. Jewelry
    3. How hair will be done
    4. Which shoes
    5. And anything else that would be pertinent to that competition category.

    And then put the items (as mentioned above) in baggies labeled for the category and put them on the hanger so the complete outfit (and items) are all in ONE place.

    Also, bring a blow dryer and mirror and SURGE PROTECTORS. There never seems to be enough electrical outlets.

  6. At PageantPrep, we recommend that our clients mark their shoes, garment bags, toiletries, brushes, bags, etc. with small round neon colored stickers with their initials on them. That way, their items are easy to identify, it’s easy to pack up, and other contestants are less likely to confuse your stuff with theirs or pick up, move or use your items.

  7. I think the jewelry bag idea is the best. I did this when I competed at the state level for fair queen. I had like 10 ziploc bags labeled in the end but it was worth it! Had lots of outfit changes and separate outfits so sorting was needed. I also had note cards that I wrote out the times, places, and what items of clothing I needed to wear for each day/event. Really helped

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