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Pageant Director Arrested for Human Trafficking Declares Innocence

There has been a trend of unearthing stories of dangers within the pageant world, from fraud to human trafficking. One individual accused of using a pageant to lure women into being trafficked has finally responded to these allegations. (Read: 10 Situations Every Contestant Should Avoid)

About the initial story

In July 2017, a pageant director named Taremeredzwa (“Tare”) Munzara was arrested for his alleged involvement in a human trafficking scheme. One victim, a South African model, was rescued from being trafficked when South Africa’s Hawks and Interpol conducted a sting operation. After her rescue, the model named Munzara as playing a role in this trafficking scheme by using the international pageant to lure young women to Malaysia.

Photo: NewsDay
Photo: NewsDay

Munzara was the director for the Miss United Countries pageant that was allegedly supposed to take place in Malaysia this year. The model claimed that upon her arrival in Malaysia she was told that there would be no pageant and was threatened with her life. (Read full story: Director Arrested on Human Trafficking Charges)

About Munzara’s statement

Recently, Munzara took to social media to express his innocence and his shock at the allegations. On his Facebook page, he posted, “I was vilified, but the world refused and rejected the claim because they know who I am, and they know my brand values as Tare Munzara. I was being branded the wrong way because someone wants to claim media attention for fame at the expense of my name, my work and all those who were involved in it.”

After alleging that he was set up in this scheme, he went on to thank those who stood by him saying, “I am beyond grateful, so shout out to all those people from different countries, especially Zimbabwe and South Africa, who believe in me, supporting me through adversity without doubting me, family, friends, business associates and constituents.”

Munzara has said in a recent interview that the Miss United Countries pageant was real and its mission was to unite nations, share and exchange experiences and practices in order to bring about a progressive international community. He also claimed that the Malaysian government blocked the pageant from taking place.

It is extremely important to remain cautious of unknown opportunities. Remember to stay safe! (Read: Top 10 Ways to Stay Safe as a Titleholder)

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