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Pageant Planet Launches Sponsorship Program

Trust me, I know the struggle of trying to raise money to compete in your next pageant when your paycheck just isn’t enough to fuel those dreams of yours. We’ve all been there and finally, Pageant Planet has an easier solution.

About the new way to get sponsors

What pageant girl hasn’t gone into local business after business and tried to raise funds for her next pageant? If you’ve been there, you know that it takes a full day (or three or four) and at the end of it you’re left exhausted and with maybe $50 towards your next pageant. The conversations with business owners are always awkward and uncomfortable and if you’re anything like me, you hate asking people for money.

If you haven’t done that, you’ve done the whole mailing letters to local businesses thing. You take time to write letters, include your photo, get the addresses of local businesses and finally send out the letters. All that effort for little to no sponsorships in return. It’s time we change the way we do fundraising.

miss south africa,crowning moment

Finally, Pageant Planet has come up with a way to avoid those awkward conversations and long days while still giving you the opportunity to raise money for your next pageant. Pageant Planet has partnered with a publicly-traded company on the New York Stock Exchange that is willing to pay YOU commission for posting on your social media pages. That means that you don’t even have to leave your house to raise money for your next pageant.

More about the program

All you need to do is post on your social media pages and you get paid. Whether you choose to do one post, a few posts or make a business out it, is entirely up to you! Pageantry is all about sisterhood and networking so why not use your network on social media to fuel your pageant dreams?

Sounds interesting, right? If you want more information and live in one of the available countries listed below, then fill out this form and a Pageant Planet representative will contact you with more details on how you can use your social network to raise money for your next pageant!

Countries Available for the Pageant Sponsorship Opportunity

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2 thoughts on “Pageant Planet Launches Sponsorship Program

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  2. Hi my name is Chamique and this is my first Pageant for Miss Teen of Virginia I need sposorship before March 20 thanks for all the information Im super excited about my future.

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