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Pageant Questions About Current Events


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Miss Tennessee pageant on-stage question

Regardless of what system you are competing in, you should always be prepared for at least one free ball current event question. This should be easy considering how much is going on in the world at any given time. Although I do not suggest admitting that you don’t know about current events, or worse that you don’t care, you should be honest and prepare something important to you. The best part about these general questions is that you can turn them any way you want. Use this opportunity to manipulate the conversation and make yourself stand out among the others.

If you are competing in the Miss America Organization, you may get a general question but you will most likely get more specific current events questions. My advice is to keep up on the major issues trending across the country and the world but also go back a year or two and prepare answers for slightly older issues. An example of this would be school shootings and gun control. It is a good idea to do this even if you aren’t competing in Miss America, but you have a title within another system just in case something comes up in an outside interview. Remember that reporters and outside media do not adhere to pageant interview rules and in order to present yourself well, you must be prepared to answer anything, even if that means not answering and turning the conversation to something else.

Megyn Kelly, Bret Baier

In order to prepare for general current event questions I have thought of a few suggestions:

1. Every day or week check the news for trending issues and formulate a general opinion on it.

2.Listen to what other celebrities and commentators are saying about certain issues. They may be a good guide in formulating your own opinions.

3. Always find a way to tie the issue to your platform and end your answers with a quick sentence about the charity you work with. This is where you control the conversation and you turn an okay answer into a great answer.

4. Stay posted with my current event posts. I try to talk about all of the important issues in the news and think of possible questions and answers you might face in the interview room.

Current Event Pageant Questions:

-If you could speak to Congress about anything, what would it be?

-What do you think is the most important social issue facing our generation? (MY FAVORITE QUESTION OF ALL TIME!)

-For what will your generation be known?

-Why is it important that pageant girls be more than just a pretty face and keep up with current events?

-What is a current event that you have seen recently in the news? (I was asked this at Miss United States this year)

-Answer: Miley Cyrus has obviously been all over the news. I do not agree with her actions and feel bad for all the fans that she let down. As a role model celebrities and titleholders should present a positive example for everyone who looks up to them. If I were crowned tonight I would spend the year influencing others in the community through my charity service and positive attitude.

Which dress do you like better?

2 thoughts on “Pageant Questions About Current Events

  1. I think many girls are apprehensive about current events questions, but as you said, it is as simple as watching the news or following a major outlet on Twitter. Preparation is the best way to eliminate those nerves. Be well-versed on hot topics.

  2. You cannot “cram” to prepare for questions like this, anymore than you can learn history watching The Tudors on tv. You are either informed or you are not. Pretending to be is phony. Pageant contestants who are not should consider engaging for real. Nothing, no movie, book, drama or tv show is as amazing, interesting, challenging or rewarding as real life. Only one can win the crown, but every contestant has the opportunity to grow and blossom in the process of competing. So go on now! Tune-in to FOX, CBS or another network. At first you may be confused but in a few days, you will be able to intelligently discuss Boko Haram, the situation in Zamboanga, (no, not the story about the monkeys not having tails,) and why 78% of people surveyed across the globe, think Barack Obama has totally mishandled the Syrian crisis. Be responsible citizens. #engage

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