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Pageant Questions About Hair

As surprising as it seems, hair is something that can truly make or break your chance at winning the crown.

This week’s course was all about hair and how to style it based on your age and area of competition. We took a combination of the most commonly asked pageant questions about hair to create this week’s questions!


Monday’s Pageant Question: How does it feel transitioning from a Teen to a Miss contestant?

Why this question was asked: This question was asked by Miss Georgia Earth 2018. Oftentimes, if you are a former Teen titleholder or contestant, judges will want to know what the transition was like.

Our favorite answer: 

Sherri (@shershans) from Instagram: Transitioning from Teen to Miss has allowed me a little more flexibility with my wardrobe and taking the styles up a notch. I’m grateful for the opportunity to further express myself through my clothing choices to share who I am with the world.

We love this answer because it shows drive, growth and a genuine reason for chasing after the title.


Tuesday’s Pageant Question: Do you prefer to wear your hair natural or have it done?

Why this question was asked: This was the first question of this week’s course about pageant hair, and we want to know what your favorite way to wear your hair is!

Our favorite answer: 

Tyesha (@amisstyeshaa) from Instagram: Originally, due to a lot of stigma against natural African-American hair, I would always wear my hair done. I used to love sew-ins, wigs and weaves. Now, after encouragement by casting directors as well as agencies and my pageant director, I enjoy wearing my hair naturally. I feel that people see me as who I am and appreciate my beauty more in that way. I love the versatility that wearing my natural hair allows me to have. I’ve even done a photoshoot with my natural hair recently (something I would have never had the confidence to do in the past). I appreciate wearing my natural hair, and I know that loving my natural hair allows me to further appreciate my hair when it’s done, styled, and with extensions.

This answer is phenomenal! Personal, empowering and honest, which is exactly what the judges are looking for in all of your answers.


Wednesday’s Pageant Question: If the words you spoke appeared on your skin, would you still be beautiful?

Why this question was asked: This question will make you think about how you speak and what you say to others. Are your words building others up or tearing them down? Do you show appreciation to others? To answer this question, reflect on how to speak to others and how you speak about yourself.

Our favorite answer: 

The Aesthetics (@the._aesthetics) from Instagram: I would have to say yes. As a person, I try my best to be encouraging, empathetic and understanding, although we are human and we do make mistakes, which make us whole. I really do believe someone then would be able to look at my body and find inspiration for some of life’s challenges. So, yes, I would be beautiful and beautifully flawed.

We love this answer because of the way she orders her answer: she answers the question, provides an explanation and then restates her answer to conclude.


Thursday’s Pageant Question: What is your favorite hair product and why?

Why this question was asked: With good pageant hair comes good hair products, and we want to know what your favorite hair product is to use.

Our favorite answer: 

Faith (@faithbrackett_)  from Instagram: I would have to say that argan oil is my favorite hair product. It gives my hair added shine, smells great, and as a bonus, it acts as a defender against static. 

This answer is great because she answers the questions and lists several reasons to back her answer!


Friday’s Pageant Question: If you had to undergo a major hair transformation like they do on America’s Next Top Model, would you do it?

Why this question was asked: This could be considered a fun or “fluff” question, but these questions give you the opportunity to turn something simple into something to remember.

Our favorite answer: 

Alesha (@lehsharos) from Instagram: Being a cancer survivor, I feel like I have already undergone one of the hardest hair transformations when I lost all of my hair. After enduring all that I have, I know that hair is truly just hair. As a big fan of America’s Next Top Model, I know how shocking the makeovers can be. If they felt like a certain look would be great for me, I would wear it confidently, because modeling is all about selling the look that you have so designers know you could sell their things. 

Answers like this are always the most memorable. When a contestant can take a simple question and make it personal, empowering and inspiring, the judges without a doubt will remember the answer and the person who answered it!

All in all, something that seems as minor as your hair takes a lot of thought and consideration as well as is an important aspect that the judges consider when picking the next titleholder.

How would you have answered these questions?

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