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Pageant Week Nutrition: Keeping Your Energy Up With Snacks and Meals

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Miss Ohio competing at Miss America

Whether the pageant you are competing in lasts a day or a week, maintaining your energy for the stage competition is crucial.  Redbull, Monster, and 5-hour energy drinks are not the answer. These drinks can cause you to bloat and make you self-conscious in your pageant swimsuit.  In this article, I present you with helpful tips for meals and snacks that give you lots of energy.

First, I would like to say that not eating is not the answer.   Going without food will diminish your energy and leave you lifeless by the end of the night.  It is important to eat small meals and snacks made up of energy-boosting foods during pageant week to keep a constant level of nutritional energy flowing through your system.  Plan to pack three snacks per day to eat between planned meals.  Examples of energy-boosting snack foods include unsalted almonds, unsalted cashews, peppers, cantaloupe, kiwi, and berries.

During pageant week the meals can sometimes be donated from places like McDonalds, Pizza Hut, and even Subway.  Plan on packing your own meal if this is the case, to avoid foods high in fat and empty calories.  Make sure to eat a vegetable and a protein at each meal.  High-energy protein and vegetables include spinach, lettuce, salmon, chicken, edamame, and different types of lentils.

Second, the biggest culprits to stay away from are dairy products.  Dairy products are known to cause bloating.

Lastly, drink water!  Staying hydrated all day long is important, because dehydration can cause bodily systems to slow down, making you feel sluggish, tired, and irritable.

I interviewed the current Miss Ohio 2012 Elissa McCracken, who competed for Miss America 2013, to see how she eats during pageant week.

Can you give me an example of snacks you brought to Miss Ohio and Miss America?

I brought unsalted almonds, protein bars, and apples with peanut butter.

Did you pack your own meals for Miss Ohio or Miss America?

Yes! I was never sure what to expect for meals during pageant week, so I always had a protein bar and some almonds with me.

What is a food you try and stay away from during pageant week?

Definitely bread, pasta, and potatoes.  I try to stay away from most carbs in general.

Do you have any unusual foods that you eat that are healthy and give you energy?

It’s not really unusual, but apples and peanut butter is a favorite snack of mine.  I would also always pack a portable blender, protein powder, and a banana, to which I add some almond milk and ice and it’s the perfect protein shake for some extra energy!

Do you have any nutrition secrets?

Lots of water with lemon! This refreshing drink keeps your skin clear, is a natural diuretic, and helps curb food cravings.  It is really easy to have with you and is very beneficial especially for pageant week.

What is your favorite snack that kept your energy up during your week at Miss America?

Protein bars, my favorite are Clif Builder’s Bars, chocolate mint flavor.

Maintaining your energy during pageant week with these quick tips is easy!  Being prepared nutritionally will give you the energy you need to put forth your best self and shine during your pageant competition to win that crown!

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