Miss World 2016

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Miss World 2016 is Stephanie Del Valle!

Miss World 2016 Pageant Predictions

Miss World 2016 Pageant – Promotional Video


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  1. I think it’s great that Miss World is hosting their pageant for the next few years in America for 4 different reasons:

    1. America is the pageant capital of the world and educating Americans about Miss World could launch it into greater fame. As far as Americans are concerned Miss Universe is the bigger pageant, which isn’t true.

    2. With America comes more potential advertising revenue for Miss World.

    3. With Donald Trump as president pageantry is being seen in a whole different light so their timing couldn’t be more perfect.

    4. Miss World could compete and knock out Miss America as the top pageant in America. The reason is their heavy platform focus and their international presence. Most MAO girls won’t compete in USA / Universe after America but they would compete in World like Teresa Scanlan did.


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