Desiree Williams

Desi Williams

Desiree Williams is Miss Virginia USA 2016!

The former state queen will compete on the 35th season of the hit reality TV show “Survivor” coming up this year.

About her premiere on Survivor

Miss Virginia USA 2016, Desiree Williams, is set to appear on the reality TV show, which will begin its season this fall on CBS. The show has a “Heroes v. Healers v. Hustlers” theme for this season with 18 contestants participating. The filming will take place in Fiji.

Photo: Miss Virginia USA Organization
Photo: Miss Virginia USA Organization

The 18 contestants will be divided into three tribes for the season: Levu (“heroes”), Soko (“healers”) and Yawa (“hustlers”). Williams will be a member of the Soko tribe and plans to focus on the silver lining of the experience. She says, “I think what gets to a lot of people is people are complaining about the conditions. Like, yeah, we’re living outside but, we’re also in Fiji.” (Read: How Pageantry Can Help You Develop As A Woman)

The show “Survivor” strands a group of strangers on an island and they must then learn to provide for themselves. Each week, at least one contestant is eliminated and sent home until there is only one survivor remaining.

About Miss Virginia USA 2016

Desiree Williams has an impressive pageant history starting in 2010 with the local title of Miss Hampton with which she went on to compete for Miss Virginia. She went on the win the National Sweetheart 2012 title that was affiliated with the Miss America pageant. She then won the Miss Virginia 2013 title and advanced to the 2014 Miss America pageant. (Read: 2 Questions You Must Ask Yourself to Succeed in Pageantry)

Photo: Joe Fudge
Photo: Joe Fudge

In 2016, she was crowned Miss Virginia USA and went on to place in the Top 10 at Miss USA later that year. Her impressive resumé extends far beyond pageantry. Williams is also an assistant professor at Hampton University and has a bachelor’s degree in health and physical education as well as her doctorate in physical therapy from Hampton University. (Read: Miss Virginia USA 2016 Evening Gown: HIT or MISS?)

We’ll definitely be cheering her as she competes in “Survivor” later this year!

Past titleholders usually go on to do some pretty exciting things after their reigns, and former Miss Virginia USA Desiree Williams is no exception. Williams recently starred on the reality television show, “Survivor.” (Read: Who Are You After Your Pageant Days Have Ended?)

About Williams’ time on the show

Williams was selected to compete for $1 million on the reality television show, “Survivor,” in June 2017. The show has a “Heroes v. Healers v. Hustlers” theme for this season with 18 contestants participating. Williams was part of the Healers tribe. Before filming started, Williams revealed that her plan for the season was to try to keep a positive mindset throughout the competition. (Read: Former Miss Virginia USA to Compete on ‘Survivor’)

Williams made it past the team-centered portion of competition, but on Wednesday, her place in the competition came to an end as the other competitors voted her out for being too much of a threat. Another contestant immediately identified Williams as a threat and said, “Desi, she’s physically strong. She’s mentally strong. And she’s going to compete with the best of ’em.” She was the eighth person voted off of the show this season.


Her exit interview was emotional and she said, “It didn’t go as I’d hoped or planned. It’s truly heartbreaking. I’m certainly not used to losing. It’s not part of what I typically do.” As her competition torch was extinguished, she said, “I guess in this game, I wasn’t part of anybody’s plans to move forward. I have to realize that it’s part of the game. Somebody had to go home.”

While her time competing may be over, Williams did get the first spot in the “jury box.” The jury box is a group of former contestants who ultimately vote to determine the winner of the season.

About Williams’ pageant career

Williams has had an extremely successful pageant career by most standards. In 2012, Williams represented Virginia in the National Sweetheart Pageant, which was tied to the Miss America Organization at the time. In 2013, Williams went on to win the Miss Virginia title and the opportunity to compete at Miss America 2014. Her most recent title was Miss Virginia USA 2016. When she competed at Miss USA 2016, she earned herself a spot in the Top 10 contestants on final night. (Read: 2 Questions You Must Ask Yourself to Succeed in Pageantry)

Congratulations Desiree on your success throughout pageantry and on “Survivor!” We can’t wait to see how the results come out this season!

About Desiree Williams

  • Location: Newport News, VA, US
  • Pageant Platform: Fit and Fun
  • Talent: Piano
  • College Major: Physical Therapy


Interesting Facts

  • - Desiree Williams won Miss Virginia USA 2016 at the age of 26!

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