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Pageant Question About Being Remembered as a Titleholder

Pageant Question About Being Remembered As a Titleholder

Today’s Pageant Question of the Day is: What would you like to be remembered for as a titleholder?

Why this question was asked: This shows the judges what aspects of being a titleholder are important to you and what your goals are.

This is how some of our Instagram followers answered the question:

Catey (cateyhicks): I want people to remember me for how loved I made them feel. When I walk into a room, I want to make each and every person feel important. I don’t want people to remember me for what I said or because they thought I was pretty. I want them to remember how I made them feel empowered and important.

Brooke (brooke_clemons): I would want to be remembered for my kindness and grace. I want people to see me as someone they want to talk to and felt they were able to approach. I want people to remember the way I carried myself and the passion I have for the people I was blessed to represent.

Logan (missrodeoiowa2017): I would like to be remembered for the impact I left on the Miss Rodeo Iowa organization. I wish to take our organization to the next level. I will do this by showing the rest of the world what the Midwest is truly made of through education and representation. I want to not only be remembered by Iowans but rather, all Americans. By spreading Iowa’s rich western heritage across the country, more exposure and education will become possible through my organization. I hope people remember me as the Miss Rodeo Iowa who grew our community and left a permanent impact upon the rest of the country because of it.

Michelle (officialmichelledarragh): I would like to be remembered for the impact I’ve had on young women in today’s judgmental society. I want to help educate young women on self-love, self-respect and self-worth. I want to show them that they have total control over all of these aspects and that there is NEVER a time to dull your light for anyone. I want to know that I’ve been a positive role model for young women and to leave a lasting legacy for all future queens on inspiring the women of today.

Chá (chabriggs): As America’s Majestic Miss National Miss, I would like to be remembered as inspiring, kind, humble, and giving. I want to inspire everyone I meet to be kind and be the best they can be! I also want to be a positive role model to young women and teach them to love themselves for who they are. Throughout my reign, I also want to give back to my communities and give a helping hand to anyone in need. Speaking of which, as of right now I am collecting teddy bears for sick children at LeBonheur and for my local fire departments to give to children who have been through tragedies. Most importantly, I want to be remembered for staying true to myself and never giving up on my dreams!

Our favorite answer:

Aleya (aleyagilley): I would like to be remembered as the girl who stood for the silent. As a victim of bullying and anorexia, I don’t want to stay silent for others who are now in my place. I want to be remembered as the girl who united kids together to show the consequences of bullying and the effects it has on people. I want to be known as the girl who put an end to bullying and suicide.

The judges would like this answer best because it is powerful and personal. (Read: Pageant Question About Goals as a Titleholder)

How would you answer this question?

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