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Pageant Question About Cats and Dogs


Pageant Question About Cats and Dogs

Today’s Pageant Question of the Day: Are you more of a cat person or dog person and why?

Why this question was asked: This would be considered one of those “fluff” questions that could throw you off amongst all the serious questions asked in personal interview, however, it is an opportunity to show your personality.

Here is how some of our Instagram and Facebook followers answered the question:

Medina (Facebook):  I love both animals. Dogs do require more responsibility while cats are a bit more self-sufficient but are prone to running off and bringing back dead things. Both have their pros and cons but nothing can compare to the unconditional love from a pet. Adopt your furrever friend today at your local shelter. #AdoptDontShop

Amanda (@stitchqueen_amandavas): While I enjoy playing dogs, my lifestyle does not lend itself to having one. Therefore, my husband and I adopted two very intelligent, mischievous Maine Coon cats named Belle and Tye, short for Titanium. They give us laughter, cuddles and the flexibility to travel without the need for a kennel.

Our favorite answer: 

Rebecca (@rebeccajenn91): Although I love all animals, dogs match my lifestyle and personality. Growing up, I was fortunate to own lots of animals, but my dogs are what kept me active. Going for walks, jogs and running around all together made me have a closer connection to them. Plus I could always share the unwanted food off my plate with them.

I love this answer! While it seems like a silly question, this is your chance to turn it around and show the judges that even with a simple, silly question you are still full of substance. Rebecca starts her answer with a connection to her own personality, her experiences with having dogs, and then wraps it up with a little humor to make the judges laugh! (Read: Pageant Question About What Animal You Would Want To Be)

How would you answer this question?

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