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Pageant Question About Childhood Memories


Pageant Question About Childhood Memories

Today’s Pageant Question of the Day is: What is your favorite childhood memory?

Why this question was asked: Stories are very valuable in a pageant interview and this question is the perfect prompt to make yourself stand out and to tell the judges something memorable.

This is how some of our Instagram followers answered the question:

Haley (misspalmaceiateen): I’d have to say my favorite childhood memory is definitely the day my dad, who is a US Army soldier, made a surprise visit to pick me up in front of all of my first grade class when he was deployed! He walked in and everyone turned around but I didn’t know what was going on until the teacher tapped on my shoulder and said, “Haley, I think you have a visitor.” I turned around and I think I jumped 15 feet into the air and started crying because I was so happy to finally see my daddy! To this day everyone from my class remembers that moment and we’re all graduated. Talk about lasting impressions!

Alex (a_washhh): Being pen pals with my grandma after I had moved across the country. I used to write her every couple of weeks and I would always be so excited when she would write me back even though I could have picked up the phone and called her.

Gaven (xoxogavo): My grandpa has owned his own crane and welding company since he graduated high school some 40 years ago. When I was seven or so, he had me dressed up in my sweat suit and his uniform out in the 30-degree weather operating a crane for him. While I wasn’t very fond of it at the time, it’s something I always remember because my pawpaw is truly the most hardworking person I know and he has always set a huge example for me. So naturally, I’d have to consider that my favorite childhood memory because I’m always reminded to push myself out of my comfort zone and further than I thought my limits were.

Savannah (vanity0202): My favorite childhood memory is when I attended my first pageant. I had always talked about pageants and my mom surprised me by entering me in my local fair pageant. Surprisingly I received first runner-up and have been doing pageants ever since. It was an amazing opportunity and spending time with my mom made it even better.

Rachel (rachelkru132): When I was about four, my dad took us all up to a beautiful lake at sunset to go fishing. I remember him teaching me how to cast my reel and how I might have to wait and work a long time before I get anything, but the biggest reward I would get from fishing is patience. I am so blessed to have a continuous teacher like him in my life.

Our favorite answer:

Alexa (akpascucci): Visiting the set of Grey’s Anatomy! Through my work with my favorite charitable organization, MitoAction, I received the chance to visit the set and meet the cast of my all-time favorite show. One of the cast members, Chandra Wilson, has a daughter who suffers from mitochondrial disease and together, we have teamed up to spread awareness and raise money for MitoAction and all that they do. Visiting the set was the best day of my life and I’ll never forget what it was like to have conversations and hug the people I watch on TV!

The judges would like this answer the best because she guides the judges’ thinking to a topic she is passionate about and from that, might spark a conversation about her favorite charity and the work she has done with it. (Read: Pageant Question About Community Service Projects)

How would you answer this question?

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