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Pageant Question About Community Service Projects

Pageant Question About Community Service Projects

Today’s Pageant Question of the Day is: What is your favorite community service project you’ve been a part of?

Why this question was asked: The answer to this question tells the judges a little bit about your community involvement and gives them an idea of what would be important for you to promote as a titleholder.

This is how some of our Instagram followers answered the question:

Mary (sndevsweetheart08): Every semester in college my sorority hosted a Girl Scout Badge Day/Brownie Try it Day where troops would come and earn 2-3 badges in a day. We also provided lunch and sang songs with them. It was a lot of fun because most of us had been Girl Scouts ourselves, as one of the original requirements to join the sorority was that you had been a Girl Scout. We also sponsored troops to come on campus to sell Girl Scout cookies to the students during cookie season. It was great to get back to our roots, let the girls see what all we do (majors, extra-curricular activities, jobs), and let the troop leaders and parents relax. In fact, many of us have since become Girl Scout Troop Leaders, Council Staff, and moms to Girl Scouts.

Arianna (staianoarianna): My favorite community service project was when I was the president of the Gay Straight Alliance at my high school. The first year we hosted a “bean drive” where we posted a recipe for bean soup and the students of my school had a competition to donate the different beans. We then put recipes together with directions on how to make the soup. We donated the soup mix to the Northern Colorado Aids Project and the left over beans to the Weld County Food Bank. This was my favorite project because I got to help more than one organization in my community and get the students in my school involved with helping those in need.

Stephanie (realstephaniebrown): It has definitely got to be the Walk A Mile In Her Shoes campaign! Men throughout my community each raised $100 or more to eliminate sexual assault in our area. Then, they literally put on high heels and had to walk a mile around the track at our football stadium which, unsurprisingly, turned into a huge community spectacle and raised much needed awareness and funds to the prominent but unspoken issues in our world that had reached our small town. It has blossomed into a huge event in just three short years and I have even talked my father and brothers into joining me at this year’s event which will take places this weekend. My favorite part of the event is that men from all ages, professions, and walks of life all come together to support local women who may very well have never known the support of a man. It is a truly touching event and the impact it has had in my community is truly phenomenal.

Julianna (unm_dc_teen_): The Out of Darkness Walk changed my life forever. Suicide is the second leading cause of death for our youth today. Standing side by side with families who have lost loved ones was very emotional for me. However, hearing these families share their personal stories to raise awareness to help prevent this from happening to someone else was a very powerful and moving experience.

Amaya (ijmcojrprincess2017): The Ronald McDonald House! We made breakfast as sister queens for the children and families. I met an adorable little girl who had open heart surgery at birth. We got along really well and still keep in contact! Plus, we made really good Mickey Mouse waffles!

Our favorite answer:

Allie (allieee2017): When my platform was “Stamp Out Stigma: Eliminating Mental Health-Related Stereotypes,” I was granted the opportunity to help bring “The Selfies Project,” to life. Youth members of our local clubhouse submitted selfies that we then had printed on canvas and turned into an art exhibit. The message behind this was to show our community that you cannot tell an individual has a mental illness just by looking at them because they are just like everyone else. I enjoyed being able to inspire others by using my personal experiences, and seeing the impact our project made.

The judges would like this answer best because her answer was personal and explains the reason why this event was so important to her. (Read: Pageant Question About Why Your Platform is Important)

How would you answer this question?

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