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Pageant Question About Creating a Law

pageant question about Creating a Law

Pageant Question About Creating a Law

Today’s Pageant Question of the Day is: If you could create a new law, what would it be?

Why this question was asked: This could be asked as an interview question or during an onstage portion of a pageant. Judges want to know that you can think on your feet and know what is going on in the world. (Read: Pageant Question About Amending Laws)

This is how some of our Pageant Planet Queens and Instagram followers answered the question:

Jennifer (@jenniferlane98): If I could create a law, it would make divorce illegal. So many children suffer because their parents divorce and they have to live in two separate houses, and the parents usually turn their kids against their ex-spouse. It is so unhealthy for children to only see their parent every other weekend when they have seen them every day for their whole lives. A law making divorce illegal would encourage couples to seek counseling to help save their marriage and their children’s childhood. I would think couples would think twice before throwing a marriage away when they would face criminal charges. Maybe a law of this sort would help problems with crime, child support issues, and children growing up in a married household would improve their future marriages. 

Micaela (@micaelarebecca): I would make gay marriage legal in Australia (my country), no more discrimination!

Tracea (@tracea_2016): That it would be required to do a good deed for something or someone else other than yourself.

Cynthia (@cynthia_lynette): If I were to create a new law, it would ensure that anyone who leaves toothpaste gobs in the sink will be given a “hygiene ticket”.

Our favorite answer:

Otniel (@otniello_fool): I would build a law on equality. There are still so many cases of people being discriminated against and their rights are being denied. With this new law, I would like to show to the world that no matter what gender, race, or religion you are, everybody deserves the same opportunities and chances.

Judges would like this answer the best because he shows that he knows what is going on in the world and what type of legislation is currently being considered, while also giving his opinion on the matter.

How would you answer this question?

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