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Pageant Question About Handling Disappointment


Pageant Question About Handling Disappointment

Today’s Pageant Question of the Day is: How do you handle disappointment?

Why this question was asked: Unfortunately, disappointment is a part of life and pageantry. Knowing you can handle disappointment well shows the judges that you could tackle obstacles as a titleholder.

This is how some of our Instagram followers answered the question:

Rahman (rahmanariefs): I have trained my mind to see everything in the positive way. I say to myself that I didn’t fail, I just need to work harder to get what I need. I believe sometimes we win and sometimes we learn. If I’m not a winner, it means I must be a good learner and improve my skill to be better. Everything is about controling our mind, being grateful, and keeping up the fight.

Rosalyn (rosalynhuff): At times life may throw us a curve ball and disappointment is one. While we have expectations in certain situations, we have to realize that imperfection lies in all of us. Disappointment is a closed door, you just have to find a window.

Alicia (aliciagcook): First I try to figure out what role I played in the disappointment and this usually clears up a lot of questions for me. Then I give permission to myself to be mad, sad and whatever else I might be feeling, Next step is I cuddle up next to my mom or my grandma and share my disappointment. They remind me how proud that are of all my accomplishments thus far and tell me to fuel my disappointment by trying just a little harder next time around. They also remind me that disappointments are great lessons we just have to promise ourselves to learn from them.

Sydney (sydneybean2): Disappointment is sadly just a part of life but something great always comes out of it in the end. I tried out for my school’s dance company in 7th grade. When results were posted, my audition number was not on the list, but the next year when I auditioned I made it! I decided that happened for a reason and that I just needed one more year to get better with my technique and other important parts to be in the company.

Our favorite answer:

Jewel (jewel_lindemann): I handle disappointment by thinking of the quote, “Everything happens for a reason.” Sometimes things just aren’t meant to work out and it does not mean you’re not good enough. It means that it’s not your time yet. Thinking of that quote when I’m disappointed is a pick me up and helps me realize that I am strong and will continue.

The judges would like this answer best because it is concise yet powerful and motivational. (Read: Pageant Question About A Challenge in Your Life)

How would you answer this question?

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