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Pageant Question About Inspiring Women

Pageant Question About Inspiring Women

Today’s Pageant Question of the Day is: Which woman in YOUR life inspires you?

Why this question was asked: In honor of International Women’s Day just occurring, we want to know who the wonderful women in your life are! This is also a good “get to know you” question and shows the judges you can think on your feet.

This is how some of our Instagram followers answered the question:

(putripijar): Of course, that is my mom! She gives me a sincere love and shares her kindness to other people! She teaches me that beauty is not about our body but about our heart and that eternal love is someone who will be always by our side no matter what situation we are in and who can accept our weaknesses.

Victoria (_victoriabree): My coach is the woman in my life that inspires me to embrace all people. I never grew up in a safe environment where I could openly express myself. I grew up not understanding anything about the LGBTQ community. They were not considered “Godly” nor were the people from this community talked about in a positive light inside my household. After joining the Women’s Rugby team at Georgia Southern University I had the chance to learn and become friends with some of the most amazing, non-judgemental women I’ve ever met! Not knowing their sexual identities, I created lifelong memories with women from the LGBTQ community that was taught to me to be so wrong, when in reality it was the complete opposite.

Aly (aly.sweeney): Captain Katie Higgins of the Blue Angels is the not only the most inspirational woman, but person in my life. My all-time goal and dream is to be the first woman commanding officer for the Blue Angels and knowing that she lived that dream that I had dreamt for so many years is so incredible. She was the first woman to ever wear an official Blue Angel badge. She showed me that through hard work and determination you can beat the odds and that women can do exactly the same thing that men can… but even better!

Our favorite answer:

Maria (maria_hilger): My mom was my largest inspiration. She died two months ago from a rare disease called MSA. She showed me how to be strong, caring, understanding and how to always believe in myself. Even though she could only talk through a machine the last few months of her life, she taught me how to choose my words carefully and know that what I said could affect people greatly. My mother was an amazing inspiration to not only me but our whole community.

The judges would like this answer best because it is personal and explains why her mom’s life lessons meant so much to her. (Read: Pageant Question About Parents)

How would you answer this question?

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