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Pageant Question About Judges Viewing Contestants’ Social Media


Pageant Question About Judges Viewing Contestants’ Social Media

Today’s Pageant Question of the Day is: Should judges have the ability to view contestants’ social media accounts before the pageant?

Why this question was asked: This question shows the judges you can think on your feet and your answer will give them a good indication of what you feel is important in the judging process/choosing of a titleholder.

This is how some of our Instagram followers answered the question:

Carley (carleyelizabeth112): I do not believe judges should have access to a contestant’s social media page because the judges are supposed to base their opinions off the judged portions of the pageant. Several things could sway their opinion of the contestant on their social media page that are innocent but state an opinion that differs from that of the judges. I do however believe all contestants should be reminded they are competing for a title that makes them a role model and they should be striving to be a role model at every point in their lives, not just after winning.

Lauren (laurenmerola): Yes! When you win a title you are a representation of that pageant organization and how you present yourself on social media says a lot about your character. If you have nothing to hide then you shouldn’t mind. If you do, think twice before you hit post!

Veronica (veronica_greenee): Absolutely! I believe that pageantry is and should be treated as a pristine job offer. Becoming a titleholder is a lot of responsibility and not everyone is qualified for this opportunity. Social media can explain a lot about a person, and giving judges the right to view their contestants’ accounts, just as an employer would do, can give them more time to make a good decision on whether or not the contestant has the necessary qualifications of earning the crown.

Kimberly (k_mom222): I think the directors should check social media prior to the event and then the judges wouldn’t have to worry about it. I wouldn’t want my outside activities, although appropriate, to have any undue influence on how I’m performing that day (example, blue hair phase or imperfect body phase). If the directors checked beforehand they could say, “Don’t even bother competing” or “Clean up your social media.”

Marci (marcimcnair): If it is a public page, then a judge can look if he/she desires. If it is a private page, then its content should not be considered. However, a contestant should ultimately only be judged on the day of the pageant. If a judge finds a problem with the publicly available social media content, then they should ask the contestant about that issue during the interview.

Jasmine (jasmine.tierra): Judges viewing the social media of a contestant is not a new practice. During the college acceptance process, schools often view applicants’ profiles to see if they would be a true fit for their institution. The same is true for when someone applies for a job with a company. A person could be the perfect fit for the job only to fall short due to poor social media. Not only would it be a poor representation of that company but a poor representation of your personal brand and how people view you. The pageant industry is a powerhouse of role models so potential titleholders having clean social media should be a given.

Aly (aly.sweeney): One side of me says yes but the other says no. I think they shouldn’t because one thing they see on social media, whether good or bad, can influence their choice of queen and make it biased or unfair. However, I also think yes because they have a very short period of time with these girls in the interview room. If they did happen to see their social media pages I think it would help them get to know the girls and who they truly are.

Our favorite answer:

Stephanie (realstephaniebrown): Absolutely, I would even encourage them to do so! As a delegate, you should always have your best self on display and this is especially true for social media. I think it’s important for judges to get a behind-the-scenes look into who the delegate really is instead of who she projects herself to be for the five minutes she’s on stage. Social media would be a great way to see a delegate’s involvement with her platform, her extra-curricular activities, and her hobbies and interests. They would also get the opportunity to see if the girl they choose really embodies the system’s brand and if she is the role model that the system is looking for.

The judges would like this answer best because she states a clear opinion and backs it up with several examples. (Read: Pageant Question About Titleholder Responsibilities)

How would you answer this question?

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