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Pageant Question About Life Mottos

Pageant Question About Life Mottos

Today’s Pageant Question of the Day is: What is your life motto?

Why this question was asked: This question shows judges how you handle the ups and downs of life and tells them more about your personality.

This is how some of our Instagram followers answered the question:

Georgia (georgia_2021_): My life motto has recently become, “Don’t let other people’s opinions determine how you live your life.” It’s something I’ve found myself telling people and how I’ve been making my own decisions. Make decisions that make you happy, don’t make decisions in order to please other people. If you like an outfit, wear it! If you like to do something, do it! Life is too short to miss out on chances you’d like to take just so someone else can applaud you.

Laura (ambassadordc): My life motto is applicable to personal life and pageantry. Goal setting can be daunting and sometimes it feels impossible to achieve whatever you’ve set out to do. To ground myself in times of frustration, I envision what the reward will look like. Accomplishment is sweet and so is the journey to get there. The work you put in will lead to the success you deserve which is why I live by the motto, “The work is worth it.”

Ophelia-Veronica’Mae (missuniversityuk): When someone shows you who they are the first time, believe them. You will do yourself so much damage if you believe everyone has the same heart as you. Protect your heart but love strong and dream stronger.

Sydney (sydneybean2): I have a theme song that I live by, “Good to Be Alive” by Andy Grammar. What I am doing now and how I choose to do it is for a reason. I live with type one diabetes and yes, it really does suck at times but I sing that song when I’m having a hard time because it really is good to alive right now! I have taken my diabetes to the bright side of things. I don’t let it bring me down. I am a huge advocate for Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation and because of that I have been chosen to go to Washington D.C. this summer to talk to congress about type one diabetes and I cannot wait! It really is good to be alive right about now!

Our favorite answer:

Farrah (farrah__mm): My life motto is, “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.” I have recently stepped out of my comfort zone. I decided to learn a new language in a foreign country at 16 years old, alone! It was definitely a huge step outside of my comfort zone because I moved in with a host family who did not speak English and I could only say “Hola” at the time. Even though it was very difficult to adapt to being without my parents for so long, it is definitely the beginning of my new life full of adventures!

The judges would like this answer best because it is well-worded and she uses a story to make her point. (Read: Pageant Question About Life Lessons)

How would you answer this question?

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