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Pageant Question About Needing the Crown


Pageant Question About Needing the Crown

Today’s Pageant Question of the Day is: Do you need the crown or does the crown need you?

Why this question was asked: Your answer to this question shows what the crown symbolizes to you and how you connect with it.

This is how some of our Instagram followers answered the question:

Katie (katie.hodges): The crown needs me to be its voice. On my own, I can speak to kids but when you have a crown on your head they start listening to what you have to say. Once they see a princess walk through the door they are immediately connected with you.

Nikee (nikee_adams): I would say both. The crown needs me because it cannot speak for itself and with that crown I can be a role model to others. I’ve learned that people hardly listen to you if you’re not “someone”, but you hardly inspire if you do not have a story. Therefore, I need the crown as much as the crown needs me.

Alicia (aliciagcook): Neither. I know many women who wear invisible crowns and make contributions to the world every day. They are great examples of what it truly means to be a queen. You can win a pageant, receive a crown and do nothing but wait for the next pageant and take every photo opportunity you can get. The real deal is what are you going to do when that crown is placed on your head. It is an honor with lots of responsibilities attached to it. When a pageant gives you a crown it’s because they already saw the invisible one you wore when you presented yourself. Your job is to return the honor by representing it with pride, dignity and compassion for humanity. “Heavy is the head that wears the crown”.

Kenicha (mrshaitiinternational2017): That is a tough question to answer. I think both. I need my crown in order to represent my country as well as connect with others. My experience with just my sash was good and bad. I would reach out to others and try to connect with them and I sometimes would not get the answers that I was looking for. Now, being Mrs. Haiti International 2017 and having my crown with me, I have people reaching out to me and I get the answers I’ve been looking for when I was Miss and Mrs. Port-au-Prince International 2016/2017. It amazes me. I need my crown and my crown needs me to do the work I’ve been called for to do, which is advocating for my brothers and sisters who are victims and survivors of child abuse and neglect.

Madi (madi_andreason): I would say neither. I don’t need the crown, and the crown doesn’t need me. The crown should not be the way of saying ” I am here to serve you,” we should be able to do that with or without the crown. The crown is a marvelous accessory, but what we can do with a crown, we can do without it. A few shiny stones on your head is not the representation of who you are. It is you who represents, not the crown.

Our favorite answer:

Jade (jadelulu_x): Unfortunately, because of the stigma surrounding my platform (mental health), I need the crown as my voice. My crown takes away my anxiety and gives me the push to stand up for what I believe in. I am an ambassador for Live Out Loud Charity, which focuses on suicide, depression, self-harm and bullying which are topics that are very close to my heart and really hit home. Without my crown, I feel as though nobody listens. My anxiety takes over and I cannot speak but when I put that crown on, that’s when I also put on my game face. I can get up on stage, speak to as many people that will fit in the room and tell them my story and all about Live Out Loud Charity to help break the stigma. I need my crown, but society needs me.

The judges would like this answer best because she makes her answer personal and specific to her. (Read: Pageant Question About Fighting Depression Stigma)

How would you answer this question?

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