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Pageant Question About Pageant Preparation


Pageant Question About Pageant Preparation

Today’s Pageant Question of the Day: What is the most important part of pageant preparation for you?

Why this question was asked: Judges want to know how you prepare, your tips and tricks, and answering this question can really show the judges what part of competition you value the most and how you handle pressure.

This is how some of our social media followers and our queens answered the question:

Sherri (Queen of Design): When I am preparing for a pageant, interview is the most important for me! The interview room is where you seal the deal! I like to focus on even the smallest details such as body language and hand gestures as well. Overall presentation is really important to me!

Sherri (@mrsjacksonvilleintl2018): Fitness! After having two babies and now 30+ years, it’s the most important part of my pageant prep and everyday life! With my platform, Living A Heart Healthy Lifestyle, I dedicate my energy to helping other moms, like me, make healthy choices for themselves and their family.

Paige Jenson (Facebook): It’s crucial to have a calm, balanced mindset when preparing for any type of pageant. Taking time to meditate, love on myself, and focus on what makes me strong helps me excel in all other phases of competition. Plus, it’s how I can ensure I’m always bringing my best self on pageant day

Our favorite answer: 

We loved them all!

The judges will like all of these answers because they all hone in on the “for you” part of the question. Every contestant prepares for the big competition differently and judges want to know what you did in order to prepare for the prestigious title in which you are vying for.  (Check out Pageant Question About The Hardest Part About Pageant Preparation)

How would you answer this question?

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