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Pageant Question About Pepsi Ad Controversy


Pageant Question About Pepsi Ad Controversy

Today’s Pageant Question of the Day is: Pepsi’s new commercial is being heavily criticized for its portrayal of protests. What do you think of the ad?

Why this question was asked: It is important to keep up with current events and to be able to form articulate opinions about them.

This is how some of our Instagram followers answered the question:

Ellen (ellentroutman1): Stirring a pot that just doesn’t need to be stirred anymore. Shame on them.

Emmy (emmy.mrvica): I think Pepsi made the error of putting Kendall Jenner in the ad. She seemed to be the main focus and the peaceful protest was secondary. I liked how all different people from different backgrounds were coming together to protest, but kind of went too far when Kendall was walking through the crowd like a movie star giving just one police officer a Pepsi. I would’ve preferred to see the protestors all coming together and handing out multiple Pepsis to all the officers.

Alicia (aliciagcook): This was an abomination. I would love to know other than making money off the tragedies which have occurred between the police and the people, it boggles my mind as to what their intention was. This was tasteless, hurtful and disrespectful, especially because it was released on the anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther Luther King Jr.’s assassination. What would have been appropriate was to have Pepsi spend the money they paid Kendall to advertise giving back, like investing in programs to promote tolerance and bringing about better relations between the police and the communities they serve. They could have issued scholarships to students who want to study areas of the law that can bring positive change and peace worldwide, especially here in the United States. Pepsi should step up and do more than just apologize for Kendall. All she cared about was her celebrity portrayal and the big bucks she got paid even after the ad was pulled.

Our favorite answer:

Ashia (realashiamiller): As a large brand, we as a society have come to expect Pepsi to have prominent and extravagant commercials but I can certainly see how the concept of this commercial might be offensive to those closely involved with the feelings of rejection and discrimination that fuel protests and fervent discussions. I think the overall message is that more often than not, simple misunderstanding and fear is at the root of most disagreements and working together for a common cause can be either good or bad. I applaud Pepsi for tackling the controversial issues of protesting and police brutality but my hope is that with this commercial, the company is actively working to improve racial, sexual, and political relations in this country.

The judges would like this answer best because it demonstrates knowledge of the situation, is detailed, and is powerful. (Read: Pageant Question About Creating a Law)

How would you answer this question?

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