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Pageant Question About Pressure on Today’s Youth

Pageant Question About Pressure on Today’s Youth

Today’s Pageant Question of the Day is: Do youth today face more pressure for high performance than previous generations did?

Why this question was asked: This shows the judges you can think on your feet and have the ability to answer questions on a variety of topics.

This is how some of our Instagram followers answered the question:

Sophia (texasaggie101): I personally think that they do simply because in school, the classes are harder and it’s harder to get into a good college than it was years ago. Also, with all of the bad things that teens are now considering “cool,” there is a lot more peer pressure as well. That makes the pressure to perform higher because teens have to pick between that and peer pressure.

Jackie (jkoraedu): The standards of performance are continually rising. The youth today have the added pressure of technology and media to see their competition versus that of the past so there is added pressure in competition to be the next breakout star on top of the standard competition that will exist in any competitive area today.

Medina (medina_marie86): They absolutely do. Parents have seen how things as small as YouTube clips can land a child into stardom. Get a child to do something funny a few times, get 4.5 million shares and all of a sudden it’s next season’s hot reality show. Junior level talent or ability shows like So You Think You Can Dance Jr. Or Master Chef Jr. also fuel unhealthy expectations for children. It says to them “you have to be celebrity status or you don’t matter and you have failed.” There is more of a push to have children become sports or entertainment stars instead of a push for them to be doctors, scientists, artists, or writers- careers that actually do more for the world than just being a face on TV.

Jackie (jackiecaroe): No. It’s all relative. What was competitive for our parents is different than what is competitive now but it doesn’t mean it’s more or less difficult. We have more tools and resources now to keep up with development.

Our favorite answer:

Alicia (aliciagcook): I truly do believe expectations and stakes are higher. Because of social media, you become aware of the success of others and young people try to outperform each other. Parents have higher expectations because they are providing their kids with a lot more than they had and they want their kids to achieve more. This pressure can cause kids to become depressed or afraid of taking risks for fear of failure. This is why pageants like NAM and other programs that recognize all for their achievements are so important. We need to push more for self-confidence and less for competition. Parents and teachers have to be very careful when talking to their kids about their goals and achievements. They must remain loving, encouraging, and above all, realistic.

The judges would like this answer best because she clearly explains her opinion and is able to relate her answer to her pageant system. (Read: Pageant Question About Goals and Plans)

How would you answer this question?

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