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Pageant Question About Prizes


Pageant Question About Prizes

Today’s Pageant Question of the Day is: What prize would you most look forward to receiving if crowned?

Why this question was asked: This shows the judges what you are hoping to gain from your pageant participation and what winning the title means to you.

This is how some of our Instagram followers answered the question:

amriddhi (missteenagelowermainland2017): I would look forward to creating change because that’s the most important part of pageants for me. If I get the ability to voice my opinions and be able to show people my point of view that’s the thing I want most. Creating change means to be able to affect your audience’s thoughts and if I can do that for the better, my job as a pageant winner will be done. If I could teach the world how to love themselves and others that’s the biggest win for me.

Marissa (marissa_cruse): The scholarships. As a pre-med student, the education costs for me seem to be endless. These scholarships are how I have afforded school this far and I can’t think of a better way to earn them. I am thankful for the scholarship money that has been given to me based on my character, message, and talent.

Jade (missjadeglab): Though not a tangible prize, what I would most look forward to if crowned would be the love and support of my new pageant directors. What many may not realize is that once a girl wins a pageant, (particularly in MAO, but I’m sure it occurs in other systems as well) they are given directors who guide them along their journey, whether it be in preparation for a larger pageant or to assist them throughout their reign as a titleholder. I have had many great experiences with this and have been so close to my directors to the point that when I needed advice from them they would serve as my second and third moms. This support system and love from my directors has been an irreplaceable aspect of not only my reign, but my life and I could not imagine never having met them.

Bethany (b_ehardt): A crown provides a new platform to share your passions, experiences and goals with others. It provides a way for your voice to be heard and dreams to come true. With winning a crown, what I look forward to most is receiving momentum to promote my personal platform as well as the Miss America platform. A crown would provide me with new opportunities to make a greater difference in my community and across the world and confidence to carry out all that I have been called to accomplish.

Savannah (vanity0202): I would look forward to the many opportunities and chances to be a role model to future generations. The prize I always look forward to is not a physical one but instead one that I can bestow on someone else and the change that I can make.

Our favorite answer:

Haley (haleybwheeler): Since I participate in the Miss America Scholarship Organization, the prize I look the most forward to receiving is definitely scholarships. As a first generation college student, higher education has always been such a dream to me that I have endlessly been pursuing ever since I was told by my parents that one day I would go to college to be something great. I’m currently enrolled and will be a junior next year. It is because of hard work that has allowed me to receive academic scholarships and pageant systems like MAO that fund the futures of countless young women that I am able to pursue my education dutifully. Should I ever hold a state or national title, I would be more than thrilled to give up one year to serve and then have the rest of my life to study and succeed.

The judges would like this answer the best because she makes her answer personal and specific to her and provides a concise explanation. (Read: Pageant Question About Gifts)

How would you answer this question?

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