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Pageant Question About Puerto Rico Becoming a State


Pageant Question About Puerto Rico Becoming a State

Today’s Pageant Question of the Day is: Would you support Puerto Rico becoming a U.S. state?

Why this question was asked: It is important to keep up with current events and to be able to articulate opinions about them.

This is how some of our Instagram followers answered the question:

Oriane (orianegolden_): Yes I would because immigration is what makes America great and strong. We don’t believe in excluding people because of their culture or race. It would be nice to have some more culture in our melting pot. Everyone should love one another, come together and be stronger together because that is how we can conquer any obstacle in life.

Joi (stayjoiful): I believe this question should be asked to all Puerto Ricans who are legally eligible to vote. If majority wins for the island to become a U.S. state, we would love to have them a part of our American family! Although some people are uncomfortable with the idea of having an uneven quantity of states, I think we Americans should jump out of our comfort zone and welcome them.

Gracie (_gqueen_): Yes, it could make America stronger. I’ve been to Puerto Rico for a mission trip and they are so welcoming and genuine people. The first day my group came and met the churches we were helping they welcomed us with open arms. We should do the same and if the Puerto Ricans would like to become a U.S. state they should be able to. As a united country, we should welcome them with open arms!

Jess (jm.ini): I believe if the American people vote for them to be part of the USA then they should be as long as all the U.S. rules apply to them as well. A large portion of the PR population is already part of the USA population and culture.

Our favorite answer:

Lakisha (lalalakisha): As a Puerto Rican living in the United States, I strongly believe that in the state the island is in right now isn’t really helping Puerto Rico. We are a part of the United States but don’t have a say in who is chosen for political office. We’re kind of stuck in the middle. With the financial situation, I believe that it is in Puerto Rico’s best interest to become the 51st state. Many Puerto Rican’s living in P.R. think that if it does happen that many will lose their sense of culture and roots, but that is the job of families and communities to keep the culture alive whether in the U.S. or Puerto Rico.

The judges would like this answer the best because she relates her answer to herself and gives specific reasons why she believes what she does. (Read: Pageant Question About What Your State/Country is Known For)

How would you answer this question?

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