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Pageant Question About Qualities Titleholders Should NOT Have


Pageant Question About Qualities Titleholders Should NOT Have

Today’s Pageant Question of the Day is: What quality should a titleholder NOT have?

Why this question was asked: This shows the type of titleholder you would aspire to be and what your values in pageantry are. (Read: Pageant Question Of The Day: Standards And Values)

This is how some of our Instagram followers answered the question:

Tyesha (misstyeshaa): Complacency would be the characteristic that a true queen should avoid. Being complacent means that you are comfortable where you are and you are no longer striving to better yourself or to improve the lives of others! To be the best version of ourselves we have to wake up every day knowing that there is always something new that we can learn, experience, or commit ourselves to.

Alicia (aliciagcook): A title holder should not have a Jekyl & Hyde personality- sweet as molasses in front of officials and judges then dismissive and divisive when they are not under scrutiny. They should posses an approachable and welcoming demeanor at all times towards everyone they come in contact with. They should not show preferential treatment towards a group while excluding others. They must remember that some girls are shy and just need a little more coaxing and kindness than others. I know it’s hard to be peaches and cream all the time to everyone, but as a queen, it is your responsibility to give it your all at all times, not just sometimes. It should not be about being perfect because we are not. It’s about being real.

Haley (haley.geiger): Perhaps one of the biggest qualities that I believe is worst in a titleholder is a sense of entitlement. I believe that a title is a public method of giving back to your community and the people within it, and a girl who feels as if the world owes her everything would be far less apt to do so. A title is a blessing and a privilege to win, not a right, and any girl who believes she deserves it because the world owes her a debt doesn’t have the selflessness or humility necessary to make the best of her title.

Yvannah (yvannahhh): A titleholder, especially in the Miss America Organization, should never be selfish. She should always be willing to give the best version of herself to her community, whether it be a simple representation or contributing to the improvement of her surroundings. To be a titleholder is to be a role model and to be a role model is to be a positive example to people of all ages.

Alyssa (miss_teenage_avalon17): A titleholder shouldn’t have the wrong motivation. Having a crown on your head or a sash across your shoulder isn’t always what it’s about. Having a title is about your passion, your kindness, and your grace. You should do the things you love and the promote the things you love. If you’re just doing this to wear a crown and show off, you’re in it for the wrong reason.

Our favorite answer:

Kaitlyn (kaitlyndimples): Selfishness. I know how easy it can be to become selfish when you wear a crown at an appearance and every little girl wants to speak to you. You begin to focus on yourself instead of your platform and the real reason you’re making an appearance. A titleholder must stay humble within her reign; remember all the directors, staff, sponsors, and family that have given her the opportunity to wear that crown and stay true to who she really is.

The judges would like this answer the best because it is eloquently worded and honest. (Read: Pageant Question About Traits of a Titleholder)

How would you answer this question?

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