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Pageant Question About SeaWorld


Pageant Question About SeaWorld

Today’s Pageant Question of the Day is: Tilikum, the orca subject of the movie Blackfish, just died. What is your opinion on Seaworld and its attractions?

Why this question was asked: As a contestant and titleholder, it is important to keep up with current events and be able to form and articulate an opinion about them to the judges.

This is how some of our Instagram followers answered the question:

Sara (milkcan_): “Blackfish” shows how at Sea World and other aquariums animals can become violent, as Tilikum does, after being in captivity for a long period of time. Not only will it cause this behavior, but it’s just wrong. In my opinion, God placed these animals in the ocean. He did it for a reason and that reason wasn’t for us to take them from the wild. I think watching these animals are absolutely marvelous but if I ever watch them again it would be in their natural habitat in something similar to a dolphin cruise.

Abby (littledabby): I personally don’t believe wild animals should be contained in an environment that is not at least mildly similar to their own – it’s not a fair practice for animals that can’t speak for themselves. If anything, we should be the ones in a more confined space seeing them in their natural habitat rather than vice versa.

Sommer (sommerxleigh): Orcas are wild animals that belong in the ocean, not captivity. As we see in the documentary “Blackfish”, Tilikum becomes hostile after so long, taking the life of Dawn Brancheau. OSHA quickly stepped in to create laws and regulations regarding how close you can be to the animals. Personally, I don’t think we should have ever had any aquatic animals in captivity. It would be much better to view animals in their natural habitat. Thankfully, Six Flags around the world are starting to let their orcas go. But is that really a good thing? Since the whales have grown up in captivity, they don’t know how to fend for themselves because they have been handed food all their lives. Overall, it’s great Sea World and Six Flags are ending the killer whale attractions.

Alex (alexuihlein): The only time animals should be in captivity is if they are injured and need rehabilitation or if they are endangered and need to be bred. Wildlife preserves are a perfect example of this – they take in injured animals from the wild, heal them and nourish them, and then release them back into the wild. Us humans are able to visit preserves and see the wild animals, but the animals are not stuck in captivity their wholes lives.

Our favorite answer:

Mary (sndevsweetheart08): I loved SeaWorld and their attractions. Many of the animals are rescues and in rehab to be returned to the wild if possible. Watching the shows as a kid gave me a sense of awareness and responsibility for the environment and the animals in it. I actually wanted to become a marine biologist after visiting SeaWorld with my family. You can even watch SeaWorld’s rescues and releases and other informational broadcasts live on Facebook. They are all about education and research. The revenue from the theme park style attraction goes toward the care of these animals and research to better understand them and protect them in the wild. Yes, they are captive, but many have grown up that way or cannot survive in the wild due to injuries and releasing them would be equivalent to releasing a pet dog into the woods because “its natural instincts will takeover.” Yes, a trainer was killed. But even domesticated animals cause harm and even death at times, whether by malicious intent or accident. Using that to put a black mark over all the good the entire organization actually does is the real injustice to these animals.

The judges would like this answer best because she is detailed and does a great job of backing up her opinion with facts and personal experience. (Read: Pageant Question About Circus Animals)

How would you answer this question?

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