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Pageant Question About Staying Fit


Pageant Question About Staying Fit

Today’s Pageant Question of the Day is: What is your favorite way to stay fit while prepping for a pageant?

Why this question was asked: Many pageant systems have fitness or swimsuit portions of competition, so this is a common question asked in interviews in the older age divisions.

This is how some of our Instagram followers answered the question:

Caylee (cayleejothomas): I work full time and am also a full-time student, so I always meal prep to ensure that I’ll reach for something healthy opposed to grabbing something fast and fried in between work and school. Otherwise, I love cardio so I run a few miles a day and will switch up factors like incline and terrain to keep my muscles guessing. I’ve also recently started adding in weights three days a week. I hope that this will give me that competitive muscle tone that I’ve been striving for!

Savannah (savannahkcompton): My yoga practice not only keeps me fit for pageants physically, but it keeps me fit mentally as well. I am able to clear the negativity that occurs in my day by focusing my energy in a positive direction. By combining the mind and body, I am able to display the best version of myself.

Emmie (emmiekayxoxo): My favorite way to keep fit is by making a game out of it. When I was little I hated cleaning my room, so to get it done I made it into a game. I’ll be the first to admit working out isn’t my favorite part of the day, so making it fun is what gets me to do it. For example, I do Pilates at home and a lot of times I’ll challenge my mom or a friend to do it with me. We try to make each other laugh and whoever keeps it together the most wins; loser buys lunch. We get a great workout and a great laugh. We have hundreds of games and we’re always coming up with new ones. Now it’s not so much of a chore!

Brittanie (brittanienikki): Lifting weights, running in 5Ks, and eating healthy. Although not always easy, I always aim to eat something green everyday & drink mostly water. Every time I eat I always ask “Is this going to help me or hurt me?” When you are focused on your goals choosing to do right becomes easier.

Alex (alexuihlein): I’ve recently fallen in love with boxing! It’s a total-body workout, combining muscle-building with cardio, so it’s perfect for pageant prep. It’s not something I ever thought I’d do but I love it because it makes me feel incredibly strong and able to defend myself.

Kiera (kiera__birch): My favorite way to stay fit prior to a pageant is definitely dancing! Dancing works, stretches, and builds strength in every muscle in the body through just one sport! I dance eleven and a half hours a week, taking six different styles of dance. Dancing is not only a passion, it keeps me incredibly fit doing the thing I love! Depending on what system you are competing in, it also works for the talent portion of the pageant too.

All of these answers are great examples because, in a concise yet detailed way, they explain the fitness activity, the reasons behind doing it, and how it helps during pageant prep. (Read: Pageant Question About Sports)

How would you answer this question?

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