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Pageant Question About the 2018 Olympics


Pageant Question About The 2018 Olympics 

Today’s Pageant Question of the Day: Should we be worried about the Olympics being in close proximity to North Korea?

Why this question was asked: Both the Olympics and North Korea have been a topic of discussion before, so when the two are in the same conversation, it could be a good topic for the interview room. 

Here is how some of our Instagram and Facebook followers answered the question:

Azia (@azia.rey): Not at all. Although North Korea is in close proximity, they have no jurisdiction in South Korea and we must not ever live in fear. The Olympics is a well-organized event with the utmost security to be enjoyed by all.

Marielle (@murry_ariel_laroo): No I do not think we need to be worried. There have been no threats towards the Olympics and the North Koreans have shown signs of peace with sending athletes to compete as well as Kim Jong Un’s sister being present. There is the possibility of the two world leaders meeting in the near future.

KT (Facebook): We should always have a level of concern and caution when being so close to North Korea, but I don’t think it should consume us.

Amy (Facebook): No. Kim I think is excited about the Olympics and working with South Korea.

Our favorite answer: 

Britney (@britneysmitley): The Olympics are supposed to be a non-political event where athletes around the world get to compete together, regardless of where they are from. Secondly, South Korea is a very popular tourist stop for westerners. People travel there regularly. North Korea mostly blows smoke as do most nations in the world.

This answer is great because Britney addresses several explanations to why she does not believe we should be worried. This shows her knowledge and/or interest in the topic.

How would you answer this question?

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