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Pageant Question About the Most Difficult Part of Pageantry


Pageant Question About the Most Difficult Part of Pageantry

Today’s Pageant Question of the Day is: For you, what is the most difficult part of pageantry?

Why this question was asked: It is okay to recognize that pageants are not always easy. The answer to this question shows that the contestant sees this yet has the motivation to push through and overcome her own challenges.

This is how some of our Instagram followers answered the question:

Paiton (paitonbryleigh): The most difficult aspect of pageantry is the views of those who are outside looking in and only see what media has to show about pageantry. However, I have found myself many times successfully arguing positive points about the pageant world. In explaining that interview is the most important aspect of pageantry because internal beauty is what is most important, people become more accepting of competition.

Katherine (katherine_solares): The most difficult part of pageantry is striving to be yourself. Although we hear it a lot and we always say to ourselves that we are going to be ourselves it is really difficult to not get caught up with trying to be someone else. You see all the other contestants and think they are much prettier or have more sponsors and it makes you think that you have to be just like them to have a chance to win. No one puts you down more than your own self. It is time to end that!

Steven (stevenroddy): Running Pageant Planet. #couldnotresist

Allie (allieee2017): The most difficult part for me would have to be the crowning. The whole process is such a rush of emotions. I love watching the girls who I have bonded with win a title, but of course, it is difficult to be defeated, so I just remind myself that there have been several successful pageant girls for whom it took years of competing before they won, and my time will come.

Zeycan (zeycan_rochelle): The most difficult part of pageantry was not letting doubt from myself and others take root in my mind. Getting on stage to be judged and offering one girl a life-changing opportunity is hard enough, but when others and yourself make you feel as if you’re not worthy to be there it puts an even bigger strain on training. Every day I have to remind myself it isn’t for the crown, it’s for the voice that comes with it – the voice to speak on behalf of women suffering around the world, the voice to stop human trafficking and get women educated, to give them equal rights, and that is why I’m worthy. The hardest part is to remember why you started and carry on with pressures of others expectations but I’m fond of challenges and succeeding against the odds. The title is bigger than myself.

Maniesha (ifindcrystalskulls): For me, the most difficult part of pageantry is remembering not to compare myself to the other woman around me. It’s easy to feel fat in a room full of toned women in swimsuits, it’s easy to doubt your platform or walk or dress. It’s much harder to believe in yourself and know that you’ve worked just as hard- if not harder- than everyone around you.

Our favorite answer:

Rebecca (asianfromiowa): The cost. As a full-time freshman college student, I have my head in my studies so it’s difficult to find time to work and/or find sponsors. To pay for my most recent pageant, I am working 20 hours a week, selling my pageant clothes, selling my personal wardrobe, and saving every penny I find. It’s hard but it is motivation to do what I love and be on stage. The hard work is definitely worth it!

The judges would like this answer the best because she acknowledges the difficulties of competing but explains how she gets through them in a concise, well-spoken way. (Read: Pageant Question About Preparation Help)

How would you answer this question?

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