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Pageant Question About What You Would Ask Contestants


Pageant Question About What You Would Ask Contestants

Today’s Pageant Question of the Day is: If you were a pageant judge, what’s one question you would ask contestants?

Why this question was asked: This shows the contestant can think on her feet and also is a chance for her to explain what she finds to be important while selecting a titleholder.

This is how some of our Instagram followers answered the question:

Cynthia (cynthia_lynette): One thing I would ask contestants is “Who are you?” This is a question that is so basic, yet so little people know the answer to it. Know yourself before you try to get to know others.

Putri (putripijar): I would choose the question “Why do you want to be the winner of this competition?” because the answer will be show what their purpose and their reasons for joining the competition are. I would search for a woman with a beautiful heart who can inspire, help others, and who could be make her city/state/country proud of her, not someone who would just get the sash and crown for the modelling and makeup.

Amanda (stitchqueen_amandavs): “If you had one wish what would it be?” My answer: too many times growing up, we hear the phrase “not enough” – not tall enough, skinny enough, pretty enough. My greatest wish is that children and adults would learn that they are enough and God has a plan for each of us.

Katie (katie.hodges): “How has competing for this title and in this organization impacted your life?” I love getting this question because I get to talk about how the Miss America Organization has changed me for the better and made me the person I am today.

Alexandria (alexandriakelly96): “What is one thing that dramatically changed your life?” For me this is such an important question to ask. We all have those moments that shape us into who we are and those moments that stick with us forever. Hearing about those moments really lets you know a person as much as you can in the small amount of time given for interview.

Alicia (aliciagcook): “Tell me about your proudest moment in life” and “What is your plan if not selected as winner of the crown?” If a person can’t come up with one thing they are proud of or has contributed nothing worthy to the world until the pageant I would question their seriousness about their social consciousness. I’d like to think that the answer to the question about life after the pageant would be that they plan to go out and make changes for the good of mankind and not just have their mind set on returning in pursuit of the crown. The crown is awesome but so is a young woman who could be awesome without it. That makes the crown’s glow a lot stronger.

Joi (stayjoiful): “If the words you spoke appeared on your skin, would you still be beautiful?” If I were a judge and asked this question, I would need to pinpoint one, whether the contestant is hesitant about the question and two, whether her beauty comes from within, especially verbally. Each word spoken should come directly from the heart. The heart of a contestant must be examined before crowning the next role model for our girls.

Our favorite answer:

Rio (rio._.nexxus): I would ask the question, “Why do you think community service is so important to the ones you are volunteering for, and what impact does it make on you while helping others in need?” Community service is very important to me, and this question has always brought me back to my heart, which is where any contestant should answer from in an interview!

The judges would like this answer best because she makes her reasoning behind her choice specific to her. However, one thing that could make this answer better would be if she provided her own answer to her question. (Read: Pageant Question About Community Service Projects)

How would you answer this question?

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