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Pageant Question About Why You Chose Your Pageant System


Pageant Question About Why You Chose Your Pageant System

Today’s Pageant Question of the Day is: There are many pageant systems in existence. Why did you choose to compete in this one?

Why this question was asked: By answering this question in a personal and specific way, you can prove to the judges that you want the title you are competing for and not just any title will do!

This is how some of our Instagram followers answered the question:

(alaskanangel99): I chose this pageant system because it was one of the first that I found that focuses on community and scholarships. I decided that coming to a place where the crown stood for scholarship, success, style and service would be a better fit rather than somewhere a crown stood for best looking. What kept me coming back was the training on how to be an eloquent and respectable lady, how to handle myself in a job interview, as well as the focus on helping my community and the bonds you make with everyone. This system has truly been a learning experience and one I will forever cherish.

Skylar (skylar__young): Pure’s motto is “Inspire, lead and achieve.” With Pure you can inspire others to stand up for who and what they believe in through the crown. You can lead wherever you are and make a positive impact on the world through various community service projects, appearances, pageants, and anywhere you can. Pure is about leading your life with God wholeheartedly and achieving your goals through Him. When I won my state title, I not only gained a crown, I gained a family. I chose Pure because of what Pure stands for and because I want to lead my life with God, inspire others, and achieve my goals.

Katie (katie.hodges): When I started I just wanted to compete in a pageant where I could sing. I started at a local and it was a train wreck but I kept at it and fell so in love with the organization and everything it stands for. I couldn’t picture myself in any other system.

Our favorite answer:

Kelsey (kelspsu): I initially began competing in MAO for scholarship purposes, but the amazing women I compete with are the reason I continue coming back. I have met the most inspiring, kind, and supportive individuals through this system. I also love MAO because of how important platforms are to each contestant, including myself. I truly believe MAO has the most well-rounded girls competing for titles and I would not be who I am today without the organization and the people in it.

The judges would like this answer the best because it gives specific reasons and is simple yet eloquent and shows her passion. (Read: Pageant Question About Your Dream Title)

How would you answer this question?

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