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Pageant Question About Your Favorite Color to Wear


Pageant Question About Your Favorite Color to Wear

Today’s Pageant Question of the Day is: What is your favorite color to wear?

Why this question was asked: This is a fun icebreaker question that shows you can think on your feet and could lead to the judges getting to know a bit more about your personality at the same time!

This is how some of our Instagram followers answered the question:

Carli (carlirscruggs): Yellow – It’s a bright color and makes any sad day turn happy! I love pairing it with prints and it complements my skin tone.

Medina (medina_marie86): I love to wear black and it has nothing to do with it being “slimming.” It is the color I feel most confident in. When I wear black my entire attitude changes. It gives me a feeling if dominance and power like I can command all attention. Paired with the right shoes and accessories along with a pop of color, I feel like I can take on whatever life throws at me. When I wear black, be it a gown, everyday outfit or my signature black boots, I feel unstoppable, which is why is makes up a majority of my wardrobe.

Ashley (ashleyelainemonasmith): I have always been drawn to the color red in clothing and never knew why until I learned the fun fact that in Spanish culture, women who wear red are viewed as sexy, intelligent, fearless, and are respected by their community. This explained a lot since I am half Spanish! What a great color for a woman to wear.

Kayleigh (kaybean2005): Blue because it matches my eyes and makes them pop. It also is a calming color and it reminds me of the ocean which is one of my favorite places to be.

Anna (banana439girl): Green is my signature color for three main reasons. One, the color green matches my blue-green eyes and fits well with my blonde hair. Two, green is my favorite color because it reminds me of the forest, which is my most absolute favorite setting in the entire world. Three, green reflects my personality: Bright but calm. Green works the best for me in so many different ways, so it is, therefore, my favorite color to wear.

Our favorite answer:

Amanda (stitchqueen_amandavs): Throughout the years, I have participated in many personality inventories and one of my favorites was the color wheel, which determines the “color” of your personality. Considering my personality is blue, thoughtful, analytical, and process driven, it is no wonder my favorite color to wear would be any shade of blue or teal.

The judges would like this answer best because it is unique and tells the judges more about her personality. (Read: Pageant Question About Feeling Confident)

How would you answer this question?

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