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Pageant Question Of The Day: Male Sports Role Models

miss wisconsin, miss america
Kimberly Sawyer, 2010 Miss Wisconsin

Today’s Pageant Question Of The Day is:

Do you think today’s male sports stars are good or bad role models and why?

Why this question was asked: Recently popular celebrities have been in the spot light for their personal affairs and those decisions have affected their ability to play with their team. While their personal life is separate from a sports game, they are still representing a company. Pageant contestants, if selected a winner, will also have the responsibility of representing a company. Judges want to know if you feel people’s perception of your personal decisions affect your ability to do your job as a titleholder.

This is how some of our Pageant Planet Queens and our Instagram followers answered the question:

Stephanie (@behind_the_crown): Generally, they are not positive role models. They may be stars on the field or court, but in real life, it is often a different story. Some may be able to show children the hard work it takes to be a pro or encourage them to be active. It may take a little digging to uncover someone truly deserving of the title “role model”. Strive to find the ones who are family oriented, involved in helping others and living their lives based on high morals.

Amanda (@hiphopsk8r): It really depends on the athlete, some are amazing role models for determination and working hard. While others may not for a few different reasons.

Nicole (@nikkii2nice):  I think they are great in the role of being an athlete. These are people who figured out something they loved, perfected it and can now play that sport for the rest of their lives. Athletes handle wins and defeats on a regular basis, but don’t have the option of giving up because there are too many people rooting for their success. The fact that a city, town, state or community, can come together, wearing the same colors and athletic shirts in support of an individual just doing what they love… I think that’s pretty awesome.

How would you answer this question?

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