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School Teacher Quits Career to Pursue Miss Universe Crown

Pageantry is certainly important to all of us but maybe not as important as it is to one Miss Universe hopeful. A school teacher has decided to leave her job to compete for the Miss Great Britain title.

About Maria Wilkes

The 26-year-old teacher, Maria Wilkes, has decided to leave her job as a language teacher at a prominent school in High Gate, North London. She said, “I’m leaving teaching out of choice, but only for the time being.” She announced her leaving on Twitter and Instagram over Easter Break.

Maria Wilkes
Photo Credit: Mariawilkes.com

The teacher has a blog and YouTube channel, which receive mixed reactions from her students and their parents. Some students claim that the social media pages are “racy” and that most students “find it funny.” The mothers of the high school children have a Facebook Group and have discussed the negative impact Wilkes’ decision may have on the students at the all-girls school.

The mothers have an issue with the example the teacher is setting by leaving a career to pursue another experience involving success based on physical appearance. Other parents are upset about her posting “putting and sexual photos” while she’s a teacher and influencing young women. (Read: What Should You Post on Social Media as a Titleholder)

Maria Wilkes
Photo Credit: mariawilkes.com

There are others who support the teacher’s decision, saying that the school needs to have teachers with diverse interests and that she is nice and a good teacher. Some mothers have come forward and cited Wilkes as a feminist and a strong woman who is teaching her students that there are no glass ceilings and they can achieve anything that they want. (Read: How to be a Role Model)

This is Wilkes’ first pageant experience, and she’ll be competing with approximately 40 women for the Miss Great Britain title. She’s excited to have been selected as a finalist and feels she can influence young women outside the classroom.

Is competing for a pageant more important than your job? Is this something you would do? Let us know below!

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