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Son of Designer Rachel Allan Arrested for Sex Trafficking

Shocking news has been revealed when confidential records were unsealed on Thursday. Son of designer Rachel Allan has been indicted for his involvement in a sex trafficking ring in Chicago.

About the crime

It is alleged by Chicago’s Human Trafficking Unit that Mohit Tandon, along with 20 others, was arrested for running a massive sex trafficking ring in the United States. Tandon, 37 years old from Burr Ridge, Illinois, is the son of Rachel and Alan Tandon of the famed Rachel Allan brand.

Tandon is accused of facilitating a sex trafficking ring and was taken into federal custody on the charges of conspiracy to commit sex trafficking, conspiracy to commit transportation to engage in prostitution, conspiracy to engage in money laundering, and conspiracy to use a communication facility to promote prostitution. There were 20 others also taken into custody with one suspect still at-large in the country. (Read: Pageant Question About Crime Rates)

Mohit Tandon,rachel allan,dress designer
Photo: Sherborne County Law Enforcement

Acting United States Attorney General Gregory Brooker said that this was clearly a modern-day organized crime that took years of planning and hard work on the part of the accused perpetrators. The scheme promised young women in Thailand a better life in the United States and that the perpetrators would pay for their relocation to the country. Once the women arrived, they were forced to be sex slaves to pay off their debt to the men who relocated them.

Several men paid for apartments for these victims to stay in and transported them across the country, at times as far as Las Vegas.  The victims were, at times, placed in prostitution houses run by other Thai women and worked long hours to repay their debts that ranged between $40,000 and $60,000.

Tandon’s role in the crime has been described as a facilitator of the sex trafficking ring. He was said to have paid for the apartments of these women and helped to transport them once they arrived to the United States. No date has been set for trial yet.

About Tandon

Tandon and his brothers play a big role in the management of the company Rachel Allan, a famous pageant dress company. Their parents handed the company down to them last year. The company has kept the charges under wraps and has kept Tandon in the company despite these recent charges. Whether he will remain in the company after these charges are settled is still unknown.

We will certainly be following this story and hope for justice for any victims involved in these awful crimes. (Read: Pageant Question About Ending Street Crime)

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10 thoughts on “Son of Designer Rachel Allan Arrested for Sex Trafficking

  1. I guess I am confused Steven Roddy II. At this point these are allegations and no one has been found guilty yet. However; I sent you information on a pageant director that has been found guilty of being a sexual predator and you didn’t want to inform the public of that knowledge. The director is the president and takes photos / videos of the contestants and has been found guilty of raping a young girl at age 15. I guess my question is…. why the selective outrage? The director has one on one contact with contestants. The designer doesn’t. Whether it be a director or a designer wouldn’t the public have the right to be informed? I would hope in BOTH instances you would protect the young woman involved in the industry we all love.

    1. Hi Kimberly,

      Thank you for your comment. This article isn’t an “outraged” one but and update on what happened. The reason why this article was written and the one that you submitted was not is because there were additional news media outlets that supported the story.

      1. I understand that Steven, and I agree on the community to be informed. 100 percent. The issue I have on your selective behavior is that the pageant director in question was charged and found guilty of raping a young lady. This is public court record and he spent years on the mandatory sexual predator list in Florida. Due to a technicality he no longer has to register; however, his conviction stands. People have the right to know that the President of the Miss American Coed pageant is a convicted sex offender. They may research the case on the Escambia County court records search.
        It is case number 1994 CF 003761

        It is our duty in this industry to help keep our children safe and parents educated on type of people they are endorsing. That was my point.

  2. Are you admitting the information in your first article is false? Because this is what you are basically saying in the second article. If so, why haven’t you retracted or taken it down the slanderous false first article. Seems like you are walking a slippery slope here with publishing false information.But I guess the real story is not the hypocrisy or the potential defamation, but the tactless strategy that you are utilizing to gain attention for your little blog. You’ve clearly spent too much time in the petty discords of the pageant world. Get a life!

    1. Thank you for the comment Kawar. I totally understand that this hits close to home for you but here are a few of the reasons why our site covered this story and will continue to cover the story as it progresses.

      1. Mo hired pageant girls to model for Rachel Allan at Atlanta Market – some who I know personally. So that makes it very important to the industry.

      2. We have pageant stores who carry Rachel Allan that advertise with us and we want them to be aware that this news can hurt the sale of the line especially when this goes to court. The mass media hasn’t made the connection yet between Rachel Allen and Mo yet but when this goes to court the media will get a hold of it and when it does there is a strong possibility that it could hurt those who are carrying the brand.

      3. Rachel Allan sponsors several pageants throughout the US – including one I was just attended last weekend. It’s not good to have a sponsor whose upper management allegedly paid for the hotel rooms of these innocent women and helped organize a Sex Trafficking scheme.

      4. Pageant girls could get asked about this in their interviews ESPECIALLY if they have modeled for Rachel Allan in the past.

      So as you can see this is more than just a blog trying to get traffic. We are a resource who is highly invested in the pageant industry and we would not be doing our fans, contestants, or advertisers justice if we didn’t cover this.

      1. Right on Steven! I have all ready decided that we will no longer purchases dresses from this line tell this is cleared up! I believe that if the Federal Government has went on record and given a pretty good layout of what he is charged with I no longer want to support his ability to live in His nice house while forcing young women to have sex!

  3. This is a disgusting allegation and if it is true, they are horrible human beings!!!

  4. Thank you for posting the information we had carried this line in the past and i will be hard pressed to carry it in the future if they survive this incident

  5. As a mother with a daughter in the pageant industry, who is also an Illinois resident, thank you for keeping us updated.

  6. I understand the article to a degree, but what about innocent until proven guilty? What if he thought he was paying for models hotel rooms and didnt know they were slaves. He may not have ever laid eyes on the girls. He may be guilty but he may also be innocent. I would have for anyone to loose their name because of false accusatiobs. My daughter has worn most all high end brand pageant dresses, but I will reserve my decision to purchase or not purchase as dress when there is more evidence.

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