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Thanksgiving Food Swaps to Save Calories

Photo: Miss America Organization

Social pressure to eat during the holidays is a surefire way to hurt your progress towards your pageant goals. You might not have a lot of control over the food that is served, but it’s important to know healthier choices you can make at the table or with your family as you shop for your meal.

According to LiveStrong.com, the best way to watch what you eat on Thursday is to be aware of portion sizes. Portion distortion is a very real thing and can really blow your diet with so much delicious food around! (Read: A Pageant Girl’s Guide to Portion Control)

Overall, it’s important not to ever deprive yourself, which can lead to overeating and feeling guilty for the foods you love! Swapping foods for healthier options is an amazing way to still eat what you want without worrying about hurting your diet.

Keep reading to find out some easy food swaps you can make!

Thanksgiving Food Swaps to Save Calories


You can have a great Thanksgiving without maxing out on your calories! If you still have questions about your pageant diet, talk to one of our Personal Trainers today.

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