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The Benefits of Hosting a Small Pageant

USA Ambassador titleholders. Photo Courtesy/CA USA Ambassador Pageant
USA Ambassador titleholders. Photo Courtesy/CA USA Ambassador Pageant

Ideally, when hosting a pageant as a director, you want to get as many girls as possible to participate.

Financially this makes sense; the more girls, the more entrance fees, and the more you can contribute to the pageant weekend and the prize package.

However, what is the outcome for the girls who may not win but front the bill for those who do?

This is where having a small pageant that caps the numbers to a manageable size where directors can pay bills and support titleholders can still provide a productive and positive experience for all involved.

It is a great tactic for new directors and systems looking to gain a foothold in competitive states and prevents the production of pageants with multiple age divisions from exceeding a manageable time frame.

In fact, California USA Ambassador opted to cap age divisions at 10 girls.

The Benefits of Hosting a Small Pageant

1. One-on-One Training

Coaching? What coaching? When I first started competing there were 28 girls in my age division. We were given coaching at rehearsal, but not much. The next year there were 14 and we were given a lot more one-on-one time. (Read: Do You Really NEED A Pageant Coach?)

“This allows us to work and personally train each contestant individually,” said California USA Ambassador Pageant. “For many girls, this is their first time in a pageant. We want to assist in building self-confidence while promoting groups efforts of positive encouragement.”

2. Friendships

One of the best things about pageants is making friends and this is difficult to do in large age groups.

“Creating friendships throughout the contestant’s time at the pageant really is invaluable,” said California USA Ambassador Pageant. “Knowing that, the program is a safe harbor environment. We encourage an atmosphere of creativity and development. This is a non-judgmental arena.”

“Having a small pageant helps the girls create conversation and support within the group. It is rewarding to watch that sisterhood develop. Support of one another is imperative. Having a pageant environment to encourage this development is priceless.” (Read: Why Sisterhood is Important in Pageantry and How to Create It)

3. Self-Confidence

In a large group, it can be difficult to stay true to yourself. But when you’re able to make a few close friends and have fun, you can be you and keep your mind focused on you and your game and not that of the 40 other girls before or after you. (Read: How to Keep Your Pageant Confidence High During Competition Week)

“Pageantry can be a stepping stone to pathways unimaginable,” explained California USA Ambassador Pageant. “Finding your voice is an important part to finding that pathway. Allowing your passion to shine. Every girl dreams of that special moment in the spotlight…at California USA Ambassador we want to assist you with finding that platform to pursue your passion!”

California USA Ambassador

Jasnine, USA Ambassador Ms. California. Photo Courtesy/ California USA Ambassador Pageant
Jansine Green, USA Ambassador Ms. California. Photo Courtesy/ California USA Ambassador Pageant

The California USA Ambassador pageant takes place on April 30, 2017, in Studio City.

There are age divisions for girls ages seven and up with Jr. Preteen, Ms. and Mrs. divisions.

Areas of competition include USA Fashion Wear, Onstage Conversation/Chat, Evening Gown, and Interview as well as Optionals.

Interested in competing for the California title? Divisions are still open so contact the pageant at CA@USAAmbassador.com to secure your spot ASAP.

USA Ambassador

USA Ambassador 2016 Titleholders. Photo Courtesy/California USA Ambassador Pageant
USA Ambassador 2016 Titleholders. Photo Courtesy/California USA Ambassador Pageant

California titleholders will compete for the national titles July 25-30, 2017, in Palm Harbor, Florida.

State and regional competitions leading to nationals are being held throughout April, not just the California pageant, so take a look if you live elsewhere.

The prize list is extensive and the 2016 queens took a cruise to the Caribbean, Washington DC, and Miss America.

Going Forward

If you’re a director, consider hosting a small pageant to help ensure your contestants can put their best foot forward and have the best experience possible.

Ready to join this fun new system? Find your state and sign up today for more information!

Good luck, ladies!

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