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The Perfect Workout For After Thanksgiving Dinner

Sibahn Doxey, Miss Montana USA 2016. Photo: Sibahn Doxey

Now that you’re stuffed like a turkey, you might not feel like hitting the gym at all. But, the most important time to work out is after you’ve had a cheat meal. Even a low-intensity workout will get your blood moving and help you to burn fat. (Read: Burning More Fat During Workouts)

Fat is accumulated through excess caloric intake. This means any nutrients (carbs, fat and protein) are all able to be stored as fat so there is no “safe” food you can overconsume. You also cannot out train a bad diet, so it’s even more important for you be mindful of your diet even during a cheat meal.

With that being said, this workout is perfect for after a heavy lunch or dinner because you don’t even have to get off the ground! We all know that turkey can make you sleepy, but d0n’t worry, you won’t be drowsy after this workout.

The Perfect Workout For After Thanksgiving Dinner


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