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Cleanse Your Body Before Pageant Week

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Before competition week approaches, be sure to cleanse your body in a way that will help give you more energy and a more healthy look.

1. Pick any cleanse you want

You are looking for a week-long cleanse that you feel capable of doing.  If you have never cleansed before, now probably is not the time to try the Master Cleanse.  I am personally going to be doing a Garden Cleanse, which is relatively easy.  I am only eating fruits and vegetables this week, mostly uncooked and organic (up to one cooked meal per day).

I can eat as much as I want as long as I buy it in the produce section, so I highly recommend it.  Choose what sounds doable for you for one week.  I really do not recommend anything that involves starving yourself, because it deprives your body of nutrients and can actually make you gain weight.

Juice cleanses are good at jumpstarting diets, but make you very hungry.  The Goop cleanse (by Gwyneth Paltrow) does allow you to eat and can be made at home.  Many cleanses come prepackaged and can be ordered online if you are very busy, but they may be expensive.  It is easy to find many different cleanses online if you Google them.  I suggest searching with keywords that give the cleanse a time frame and incorporate your goals.
Let me know if that works or if you would like more.

The original idea for cleanses was to expel toxins from the body.  Your kidneys and liver actually already do that very well, but cleanses can also be used to jumpstart a diet, as a spiritual journey, or to increase your energy.  Pick a cleanse that will work best for your goals.

2. Leave a comment

You can comment here or on the Facebook post that you are joining our cleanse week.  The point of doing this as a group is to offer support to each other and to bounce ideas off of one another throughout the cleanse.  Let us know your goals and tips and ask for support if you need it.

3. Do your cleanse with us

If you have difficulties, leave a comment on the Facebook page or this article so that other users can respond.  If you find something that works well, then post that too. Recommend things that work well, talk about workouts and trade recipes.  Good luck!

Note: If at any point you feel like your health is being negatively affected, please suspend your cleanse and see your doctor.  We want you to be healthy first, so please do not risk that!

**Fun fact: When you Google image search the word “cleanse”, you will see a lot of pictures of what I think are people’s colons.  I do not recommend it.

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