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Top 10 Fitness of 2016 – Ms and Mrs Division

With the swimsuit/fitness portion of a pageant being such a large portion of the competition in some pageant systems, contestants find themselves working towards the best bodies they can possibly attain through daily fitness and strict nutritional regimens. These women shine on stage as confident role models for healthy women everywhere.

Each and every contestant’s hard work and dedication to healthy lifestyles truly showed this past year. However, there were a handful of Ms./Mrs. contestants that truly stood out and therefore they were voted the best of 2016.

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We all have our favorites but here are the top 10 Ms./Mrs. fitness of 2016 voted on by our readers.

Top 10 Fitness of 2016 – Ms and Mrs Division

10. Tiffany Yee

All it takes is once glance at Tiffany’s toned physique to know that she takes her fitness seriously. Tiffany has a smaller frame, but instead of looking too skinny she was able to build muscle to look toned and proportional.

Tiffany Yee - Photo: Tiffany Yee's Facebook
Tiffany Yee. Photo: Tiffany Yee’s Facebook

9. Jessica Vasquez

Jessica’s muscle definition is superb. She has a good balance between lean muscle definition and feminine curves. She is both fit and sexy at the same time, but what seals the deal is her commanding stage presence and confidence.

Jessica Vasquez - Photo: Jessica Vasquez's Facebook
Jessica Vasquez. Photo: Jessica Vasquez’s Facebook

8. Mrs. Woman North Carolina United States, Natasha Johnson

Natasha’s rounded shoulders and toned arms pair well with her perfectly toned abs. She clearly spent time prepping for her moment on stage, and the judges were able to see her immense dedication. Her swimsuit choice accentuates her body perfectly.

Mrs Woman North Carolina United States, Natasha Johnson - Photo: Natasha Johnson's Instagram
Mrs. Woman North Carolina United States, Natasha Johnson. Photo: Natasha Johnson’s Instagram

7. Mrs. California United States, Annamarie Dean

This teal swimsuit looks stunning on Annamarie. She has clearly worked hard at the gym to earn her incredible figure. Her long, lean torso creates ab-envy and something for all contestants to strive for! (Read: 8 Ways to Get Flat Abs With Your Foam Roller)

Mrs. California United States, Annamarie Dean. Photo: Mrs California United State's Facebook
Mrs. California United States, Annamarie Dean. Photo: Mrs California United State’s Facebook

6. Mrs. Europe Galaxy, Robyn Morrison Charlesworth

I absolutely love how Robyn embraced her feminine figure for her swimsuit portion of the competition. Not only do her legs have a very shapely tonality, but her hourglass figure still takes center stage. There is a soft and curvaceous outline to her shape. This curvy figure juxtaposes perfectly with her defined arms.

Mrs Europe Galazy, Robyn Morrison Charlesworth - Photo: Miss Europe Galaxy
Mrs. Europe Galazy, Robyn Morrison Charlesworth. Photo: Miss Europe Galaxy

5. Mrs. Illinois International, Nicole Zwiercan

Nicole looked stunning on stage showcasing her washboard abs during the fitness portion of the competition. She already has a slender frame, but she obviously worked hard to create the tonality and muscle definition in the months leading up to her competition.

Mrs Illinois International, Nicole Zwiercan - Photo: Illinois International Pageant
Mrs. Illinois International, Nicole Zwiercan. Photo: Illinois International Pageant

4. Mrs. Texas International, Kori Zwaagstra

Genetic build only goes so far when prepping a physique for a pageant. It takes dedication to healthy, nutritious foods paired with a workout, and Kori obviously did all of those things to get her slender frame into tip-top shape. Her fitness presentation is second to none!

Mrs Texas International, Kori Zwaagstra - Photo: Mrs Texas International
Mrs. Texas International, Kori Zwaagstra. Photo: Mrs Texas International

3. Mrs. Oklahoma America, Beth Isbell

Blue is definitely Beth’s color. This one-piece swimsuit accentuates her fit physique perfectly. Her long, lean legs showcase her tall stature, but also her tiny waist is shown in her perfect posing and stance. Talk about defined quads!

Mrs Oklahoma America, Beth Isbell - Photo: Mrs Oklahoma America
Mrs. Oklahoma America, Beth Isbell. Photo: Mrs Oklahoma America

2. Ms. Galaxy, Rubia Bari

Rubia has the perfect balance between lean muscle and feminine curves. The red suit she chose definitely exemplified her figure perfectly as she strutted down the Ms. Galaxy stage. The crystal accents adorned throughout her swimsuit take her look to the next level.

Ms Galaxy, Rubia Bari - Photo: Ms Galaxy
Ms. Galaxy, Rubia Bari. Photo: Ms Galaxy

1. Elite Miss Earth United States, Kristin Chucci

With defined abdominals and arms like that, there is no surprise Kristin came in at number one in the top 10. Quads, abs and toned shoulders? How much better can a swimsuit body get? The stark white swimsuit enhances her toned physique exceptionally well. Kristin was without a doubt the one to beat.

Elite Miss Earth United States, Kristin Chucci - Photo: Elite Miss Earth United States
Elite Miss Earth United States, Kristin Chucci.  Photo: Elite Miss Earth United States

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Did your favorite contestant make this list? We want to hear from you!


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2 thoughts on “Top 10 Fitness of 2016 – Ms and Mrs Division

  1. Brandee Keddington Mrs. Idaho United States 2016 should have definitely made that list!! 😛

    1. Hi Robyn,

      Unfortunately during our 3 month nomination campaign she did not receive a single nomination to be on our list. It only takes one vote to be considered. Next year please submit your favorite for the year so that we can take a look!

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