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Top 10 Male Pageants of 2017

Male pageantry is becoming increasingly popular and the male pageant systems just keep getting better and better. Which male pageant should you choose to compete in or support? Check out the best in male pageantry for 2017 to get some ideas for the new year!

Top 10 Male Pageants of 2017

10. Mister Global Teen

Mister Global Teen Pageant is an affiliated pageant of the Mister Global Limited. It is open to all young men between the ages of 14 and 19 around the world. The Mister Global Teen Pageant strives to “promote creative accomplishment, healthy living and community involvement” for teens across the world. This year, the pageant will crown its third Mister Global Teen titleholder!

Mister Global Teen Myanmar 2017, Zaw Shine Htet Photo: Mister Global Teen
Mister Global Teen Myanmar 2017, Zaw Shine Htet. Photo: Mister Global Teen

9. Mister Universal Ambassador

The Mister Universal Ambassador contestants compete in five categories, including world speech contestant, universal fashion festival, talent, sport and portfolio presentation. The 2017 pageant drew contestants from 18 different countries across the world. Not only is a Top 10 selected, but the pageant also hands out Mister Congeniality, Mister Photogenic and Best National Costume awards!

Mister Universal Ambassador 2017, Luong Gia Huy. Photo: misteruniversalambassador.com
Mister Universal Ambassador 2017, Luong Gia Huy. Photo: misteruniversalambassador.com

8. Mister Tourism World

Founded in 2016, Mister Tourism World (MTW) is a global brand owned by Czarina Production Ltd, which aims to inspire the young generation it works with through the spirit of cooperation and social responsibility. It prides itself on being an international celebration of male beauty, fashion, tourism and a platform of giving back to the local communities. This pageant wants its contestants to be”charmingly cultured” individuals from ranging heritages, ethnicities and religious beliefs.

Mister Tourism World 2017 Finalists Photo: Mister Tourism World
Mister Tourism World 2017 Finalists. Photo: Mister Tourism World

7. Mr. Gay World

The first Mr. Gay World competition took place in Canada in 2009 and welcomed 24 contestants to compete for the title. There have been 10 titleholders to take home the Mr. Gay World title after competing in sports, photogenic, a written test, interview, campaign challenge, fashion, social media, swimwear, formal wear, national costume, onstage question and online vote.

Each Mr. Gay World will not only have, “inner beauty of confidence, self-assurance, charisma and natural leadership abilities, but he will also take care of his outward beauty.” (Read: Mr. Gay World Ensuring Inclusivity in Pageantry)

Mr. Gay World 2017, John Raspado Photo: Mr. Gay World
Mr. Gay World 2017, John Raspado. Photo: Mr. Gay World

6. Mister Model International

The Mister Model International pageant hosts three events, including Men’s Fashion Week, Master of the Mister and the international pageant. The competition is produced by the TIM Management Group, which produces other pageants in the United States, Dominican Republic, Haiti, Argentina and Nicaragua.

Mister Model International 2016, Narapat Sakunsong Photo: Mister Model International
Mister Model International 2016, Narapat Sakunsong. Photo: Mister Model International

5. Mister Supranational

The Mister Supranational pageant wants to “revolutionize the industry, being the first competition of this nature to have a super modern and high fashion television production.”

The first Mister Supranational pageant took place in Poland and attracted 36 contestants. The pageant is owned and produced by World Beauty Association, which also owns the Miss Supranational pageant. (Read: Mr. England Raise Awareness About Disabilities in Pageantry)

Mister Supranational 2017, Gabriel Correa Photo: Mister Supranational Facebook
Mister Supranational 2017, Gabriel Correa. Photo: Mister Supranational Facebook

4. Mister Universe Model

The Mister Universe Model (or Men Universe Model) pageant is a competition that helps young men from across the globe launch a career in fitness and modeling. This competition draws about 50 competitors from across the world each year to compete for the Mister Universe Model title.

Mister Universe Model 2017, Kevin Montes Photo: Men Universe Models
Mister Universe Model 2017, Kevin Montes. Photo: Men Universe Models

3. Mister World

The Mr. World competition is a 2-3 week long event in which contestants participate in five different challenges, including fashion and style, the extreme challenge, the multi-media award, the sports challenge and the talent competition. The winners of each of these challenges place automatically in the Top 10. The organization wants its winner to be a “well-rounded individual with good looks, physical strength, charisma, charm and a strong personality.” (Read: 7 Tuxedo Trends to Consider for Your Next Male Pageant)

Mr. World 2016, Rohit Khandelwal. Photo: Mr World Facebook
Mr. World 2016, Rohit Khandelwal. Photo: Mr. World Facebook

2. Mister International

The Mister International pageant is all about inclusivity and diversity while welcoming thousands of men across the world to participate in its events. The organization’s goal is “to provide the tools which help men to be their personal best,” and it stresses that self-confidence is the key to success. This is one of the best pageants for men ages 18-29 to sign up for if they are looking to get something more out of pageantry.

Mister International 2016, Paul Iskandar. Photo: Mister International
Mister International 2016, Paul Iskandar. Photo: Mister International

1. Mister Global

The Mister Global pageant, “motivates every man to be their personal best, self-assured, and personify the company’s goal of having handsomeness, attitude and intelligence.”

Contestants compete in four categories, including fashion wear, swimwear, evening wear and interview. The Mister Global pageant is in its third year and is rapidly growing in popularity! (Read: How to Succeed in a Male Pageant Interview)

Mister Global 2017, Pedro Henrique Gicca. Photo: Mister Global
Mister Global 2017, Pedro Henrique Gicca. Photo: Mister Global

Congratulations to all the male pageants who stick out in a growing industry and go above and beyond for their contestants! Thank you to all those who nominated these wonderful pageants as the best in pageantry!

Which dress do you like better?

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