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Top 10 Miss Evening Gowns of 2016

This past year’s Miss contestants did not let us down with their spectacular evening gown choices. There was a prominent trend among Miss evening gowns in 2016. Column silhouettes with overskirts and capes filled pageant stages everywhere. White, blue and neutral tones were the top color choices among contestants. All of this past year’s trends can be seen among these gowns.

Each gown on this list may have embraced the trends of 2016, but not one resembles the other. Every gown stood out in its own unique way and unique presentation. This is an imperative reminder that whatever evening gown you choose, you must make your own.

With that being said, here are the top 10 evening gowns of 2016.

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Top 10 Miss Evening Gowns of 2016

10. Miss New Mexico, Stephanie Chavez stephanie-miss-new-mexico

This electric shade of blue was a complete hit throughout 2016. Many contestants were seen wearing this color on stage. This color looks exceptionally gorgeous against Stephanie’s bronzed complexion and dark brown hair. Stephanie’s evening gown features the popular column silhouette and overskirt combination with a sweetheart neckline and a statement waistband. The most eye-catching element within this gown is the sequin floral detailed skirt. This gown was a standout at Miss America!

Miss New Mexico 2016, Stephanie Chavez - Photo: Miss America Ogranization
Miss New Mexico 2016, Stephanie Chavez.

9. Miss Venezuela, Keysi Sayago

Keysi’s gown was one of the most dramatic evening gowns of the year. This gown was an absolute show-stopper. A column silhouette cascades over her slim frame while the crystal detailed bodice acts as a cape stretching all the way down to the floor. The second she turns around the crystal detailing immediately catches the audience’s eyes. She completed her look with matching white satin gloves and crystal earrings.

Keysi Sayago, Miss Venezuela 2016 - Photo: Federico Parra
Keysi Sayago, Miss Venezuela 2016. Photo: Federico Parra

8. Miss Earth United States, Corrin Stellakis

Corrin was the picture of pure elegance in this soft and sophisticated evening gown. The unique bodice draws the eye in immediately. It also adds an element of tasteful sex appeal to her overall look. A neutral color palette complemented her fair complexion and dark brown hair. A fitted skirt flaring out slightly at the knee adds excellent movement as she walks.

Corrin Stellakis, Miss Earth United States 2016 - Photo: Akhil Modha
Corrin Stellakis, Miss Earth United States 2016. Photo: Akhil Modha

7. Miss USA, Deshauna Barber

Stepping outside of the box, Deshauna selected a bright yellow and black color combination for her evening gown. Deshauna was one of few contestants who wore a bright yellow evening gown in 2016. However, Deshauna definitely made the right choice because this gown could not look more dazzling on her. The fitted column silhouette accentuates her hourglass figure while the satin overskirt adds dimension and movement to her look. Sometimes harsh patterns like this one take away from the contestant, but Deshauna wears it well.

Deshauna Barber, Miss District of Columbia USA 2016 - Photo: Marcel Dutch
Deshauna Barber, Miss District of Columbia USA 2016. Photo: Marcel Dutch

6. Miss Hawaii USA, Chelsea Hardin

This gown was the inspiration of many gowns to appear on stage in 2016. Chelsea is an absolute vision in white. Her evening gown presents a sexy column silhouette, dramatic tulle overskirt, long sleeves, and illusion mesh all throughout the gown. The modesty of the long sleeves and overskirt are offset by the fitted silhouette and illusion mesh, adding immense sex appeal. (Read: How to Win in a White Gown)

Miss Hawaii USA 2016, Chelsea Hardin - Photo: Miss Universe Organization
Miss Hawaii USA 2016, Chelsea Hardin. Photo: Miss Universe Organization

5. Miss Mississippi, Laura Lee Lewis

Laura gave us sex appeal and sophistication in this off-white evening gown. She looked stunning on the Miss America stage in a column silhouette with a plunging vee neckline, tank sleeves, and an elegant partial cape flowing behind her. The most unique aspect of this gown is the fabric. It is entirely sequins and catches the stage lights beautifully.

Laura Lee Lewis, Miss Mississippi 2016 - Photo: Miss America Organization
Laura Lee Lewis, Miss Mississippi 2016. Photo: Miss America Organization

4. Miss South Carolina, Rachel Wyatt

This evening gown was a huge crowd favorite at Miss America 2016. Rachel looked absolutely angelic and truly dressed the part of a queen in this column silhouette and overskirt combination. The unique detailing and color combination throughout the gown helped her stand out amongst her competition. This gown is definitely one to remember.

Miss South Carolina 2016, Rachel Wyatt. Photo: Miss America Organization
Miss South Carolina 2016, Rachel Wyatt. Photo: Miss America Organization

3. Miss Colorado USA 1st Runner-Up, Kathryn Dunn

Kathryn is the only contestant on this list to not be a titleholder; however, it’s a surprise that she’s not considering this incredible evening gown. This breathtaking gown earned Kathryn the number three spot on the list because of its incredible fit and complementary design. The column silhouette could not showcase her hourglass figure any better. The unique detailing, featuring illusion mesh, is bold enough to draw the eye but doesn’t distract from her stunning facial features.

Kathryn Dunn, Miss Colorado USA 2017 - Photo courtesy of Kathryn Dunn's Instagram (@katdunn).
Kathryn Dunn, Miss Colorado USA 2017 1st Runner-up. Photo courtesy of Kathryn Dunn’s Instagram (@katdunn).

2. Miss Yaracuy, Reneta Bello

Reneta’s evening gown is one to remember. The electric shade of blue and unique detailing are truly unforgettable. Her evening gown features a column silhouette with a unique ruffled overskirt, one-shoulder sleeve, and silver and blue detailing throughout. Although the details are immense, they all come together to complement Reneta’s natural beauty. This gown definitely caught the judges’ eyes the second she stepped on stage.

Reneta Bello, Miss Yaracuy 2016 - Photo courtesy of the Miss Venezuela Organization.
Reneta Bello, Miss Yaracuy 2016. Photo courtesy of the Miss Venezuela Organization.

1. Miss South Dakota USA, Madison McKeown

Without a doubt, the most talked about evening gown of 2016 was worn by Madison at Miss USA 2016. This gown took the pageant community by storm with its unique design and color combination. There wasn’t another gown like it anywhere. Madison opted to combine two of the most popular colors of the year into her gown and took the column silhouette and overskirt design to the next level. The hem of her gown is a deep royal blue that melts into the white of the rest of her gown. Underneath her dramatic over-the-shoulder cape is an ultra-fitted column silhouette. Madison truly made a statement in this evening gown.

Madison McKeown, Miss South Dakota USA 2016
Madison McKeown, Miss South Dakota USA 2016.

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Did your favorite make this list? We want to hear from you! Comment below to let us know who your favorite gown of the pageant belonged to!

Which dress do you like better?

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