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Top 10 Miss Hairstyles of 2016

There were so many strong and memorable hairstyles among Miss contestants this past year. From soft effortless curls to sleek and dramatic straight hairstyles, Miss contestants shook up the hairstyle trends in 2016 and wowed audiences everywhere.

All of the stunning hairstyles from Miss contestants in 2016 made it difficult this list difficult to narrow down. Here are the top 10 Miss hairstyles of 2016.

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Top 10 Miss Hairstyles of 2016

10. Miss World Israel, Karin Alia

Karin Alia rocked a fun and flirtatious high ponytail at Miss World 2016. Volume is added towards the crown of her head to give the look elegance and individuality. Karin took a classic pony to the next level with these unique elements. (Read: 7 Unique Ways To Put Your Hair in a Ponytail)

Miss World Israel, Karin Alia - Photo: Miss World
Miss World Israel, Karin Alia. Photo: Miss World

9. Miss Barbados, Shannon Harris

Shannon Harris’s dramatic, slicked back hairstyle is to die for! Straight hair is effortless and bold. This look is perfect for contestants with prominent facial features like Shannon. This hairstyle requires a certain amount of sophistication and is certainly not a suitable look for everyone.

Miss Barbados, Shannon Harris - Photo: Facebook
Miss Barbados, Shannon Harris. Photo: Facebook

8. Miss U.S. International, Kaitryana Leinbach

A classic soft curl always seems to be in style. Kaitryana’s blonde tundlres fame her face beautifully and add elegance to her features. This style of curl also softens up her overall look. Contestants should never underestimate the power of a classic soft curl. (Read: How to Get Pageant Curls Without Damaging Your Hair)

Miss U.S. International, Kaitryana Leinbach - Photo: Miss U.S. International
Miss U.S. International, Kaitryana Leinbach. Photo: Miss U.S. International

7. Miss World, Stephanie Del Valle

Stephanie’s dark locks are also styled in classic soft curls; however, her curls are all swept over her right shoulder to add regality to her look. Side swept hairstyles are popping up more and more on the pageant stage. This hairstyle is increasing in popularity and for obvious reasons.

Miss World, Stephanie Del Valle - Photo: Miss World
Miss World, Stephanie Del Valle. Photo: Miss World

6. Miss California USA, Nadia Mejia

Nadia Mejia has one of the most iconic and most talked about short bobs in the pageant world, right alongside Miss Tennessee Teen USA 2015, Savannah Chrisley. What’s unique about Nadia’s cut is that she rarely styles it in typical pageant fashion. Nadia always sports a messy beachy wave and never fails to look flawless.

Miss California USA, Nadia Mejia - Photo: Facebook
Miss California USA, Nadia Mejia. Photo: Facebook

5. Miss America, Savvy Shields

Savvy’s iconic blonde hair is pulled back into a low, messy bun. The curls maintain elegance, especially when paired with her glamorous makeup. This is an excellent hairstyle option for appearances and events, Savvy sported this hairstyle at the 2016 American Music Awards.

Miss America, Savvy Shields - Photo: Facebook
Miss America, Savvy Shields. Photo: Facebook

4. Miss Universe Brazil, Raissa Santana

A contestant who isn’t afraid to embrace their natural hair is always a crowd favorite. Raissa Santana killed her performance on the Miss Universe stage while sporting her natural dark locks. This hairstyle truly portrayed Raissa’s personality and showed the audience what she was all about.

Miss Brazil, Raissa Santana - Photo: Miss Universe Organization
Miss Universe Brazil, Raissa Santana. Photo: Miss Universe Organization

3. Miss Earth, Angelina Ong

This unique and softly styled hairstyle is incredibly flattering to Angelina’s features. Her dark locks are styled beautifully in loose curls, pulled away from her hair. This look is sleek and soft all at the same time. Angelina’s face is only accented, not overshadowed.

Miss Earth, Angelina Ong - Photo: Miss Earth
Miss Earth, Angelina Ong. Photo: Miss Earth

2. Miss Texas USA, Daniella Rodriguez

Aside from the classic soft curl, another popular choice in pageant hair styling is the voluminous wand curl. These curls fall beautifully and are full of movement, which is perfect for more upbeat portions of the competition, and especially swimsuit. Daniella is rocking these curls on the Miss USA 2016 stage. This hairstyle goes with her style and portion of competition immensely well.

Miss Texas USA, Daniella Rodriguez - Photo: Miss USA
Miss Texas USA, Daniella Rodriguez. Photo: Miss USA

1. Miss USA, Deshauna Barber

This hairstyle really brings all the attention to Deshauna’s facial features. The soft waves look stunning on Deshauna and the left side part looks gorgeous with her face shape. The volume added to her roots keep her hair away from her face and add elegance to her overall look.

Miss USA, Deshauna Barber - Photo: Miss Universe Organization
Miss USA, Deshauna Barber. Photo: Miss Universe Organization

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