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Top 10 National Costumes from Miss Universe 2016

Being able to represent your country at an international competition is definitely an honor only a few are privileged to have. After months of preparation and designing, each woman gets to rock her style on the international stage representing her country in her own unique way.

The Miss Universe 2016 contestants really rocked the National Costume Show this year and showed their pride in their home countries so well. These are some of the amazing costumes worn by the beautiful contestants! (Read: 5 Stunning Gowns Worn by Miss Universe 2016 Contestants)

Top 10 National Costumes from Miss Universe 2016

10. Miss Universe 2016 (France), Iris Mittenaere

This costume definitely reminds me, and I’m sure many of you, of the usual show girl or cabaret girl costumes. The bikini styled piece is filled with champagne colored jewels and fringe that make it much more elaborate than a bathing suit. What really wins this over is the feathers. Feathers are very fun and playful, and Iris added the color red to make them the emphasis of the piece. The head piece really adds to this beautiful and fun costume!

Miss Universe France 2016, Iris Mittenaere,national costume
Miss Universe France 2016, Iris Mittenaere. Photo: Miss Universe Organization

9. Miss USA 2016, Deshauna Barber

Talk about a warrior! Deshauna really channeled her inner army self with this costume and totally killed the game. She looks like a superhero, especially with the shield, which seems to be inspired by the famous Captain America shield from Marvel. The silver costume with thigh high boots and a cape is stunning, along with the simple red and blue accented shield. (Read: Miss Universe USA 2016 Evening Gown: HIT or MISS?)

Miss USA 2016, Deshauna Barber, national costumes
Miss USA 2016, Deshauna Barber. Photo: Miss Universe Organization

8. Miss Universe Venezuela 2016, Mariam Habach

If you saw Mariam’s evening gown for the competition, then you could say this looks very familiar! The styles and colors are the same. She really channeled what she felt would represent her country through this whole competition. The ombre blue accents along the outfit, even on all of the accessories and attachments, is beautiful.

Miss Universe Venezuela 2016, Mariam Habach,national costume
Miss Universe Venezuela 2016, Mariam Habach. Photo: Miss Universe Organization

7. Miss Universe Myanmar 2016, Htet Htet Htun

This is definitely one of he most unique costumes from the national costume competition. Yes, Htet Htet carried the whole prop with her! I love how she took something that usually isn’t lifesize and turned it into something that she could represent with her body and creativity. I couldn’t imagine carrying a puppet set around! She definitely stood out in the competition.

Miss Universe Myanmar 2016, Htet Htet Htun,national costume
Miss Universe Myanmar 2016, Htet Htet Htun. Photo: Miss Universe Organization

6. Miss Universe Peru 2016, Valeria Piazza

This gorgeous costume is definitely angelic to me with those gorgeous angel wings! This reminds me of something we might see on the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show runway. There are so many beautiful accents added to this piece, like the feathers and leaf-like features around the costume. It’s stunning! (Read: How to Win in a White Gown)

Miss Universe Peru 2016, Valeria Piazza. Photo,national costume
Miss Universe Peru 2016, Valeria Piazza. Photo: Miss Universe Organization

5. Miss US Virgin Islands 2016, Carolyn Carter

This piece is incredible! Everything about this costume is truly stunning and so unique. Not only is the piece attached to her back and behind her incredible, but the colors and style of it are jaw-dropping. Her two-piece with the attached head piece and back piece is the perfect combination and really emphasizes everything surrounding her. I love this, and Carolyn looks amazing!

Miss US Virgin Islands 2016, Carolyn Carter,national costume
Miss US Virgin Islands 2016, Carolyn Carter. Photo: Miss Universe Organization

4. Miss Universe Indonesia 2016, Kezia Warouw

Wow! This fully golden bodysuit is jaw-dropping. The wings look crazy heavy but insanely stunning. Having a warm golden piece really stands out on the stage. Kezia looks beautiful, and she chose an amazing costume. Her nation’s flag is beautiful and such a great touch to this beautiful costume.

Miss Universe Indonesia 2016, Kezia Warouw,national costume
Miss Universe Indonesia 2016, Kezia Warouw. Photo: Miss Universe Organization

3. Miss Universe Dominican Republic 2016, Sal Garcia

With all of the different designs, colors, fabrics and pieces of this costume, it is such a gorgeous look and really shows how well she loves and represents her country. The flower top, wrist and ankle pieces add a glamorous effect to the whole look and add a really nice touch with the rest of the outfit. Sal looks beautiful!

Miss Universe Dominican Republic 2016, Sal Garcia,national costume
Miss Universe Dominican Republic 2016, Sal Garcia. Photo: Miss Universe Organization

2. Miss Universe Nicaragua 2016, Marina Jacoby

Wow! First, I cannot imagine how long this took to make and how much hard work was put into this costume. Every little detail is stunning and the intricacy of the whole piece is truly beautiful. I love everything about this, especially how all of the silver is surrounded by stunning colors and feathers. This is so gorgeous!

Miss Universe Nicaragua 2016, Marina Jacoby,national costume
Miss Universe Nicaragua 2016, Marina Jacoby. Photo: Miss Universe Organization

1. Miss Universe Panama 2016, Keity Drennan

All of the colors, pieces, fabrics and details on this costume are truly stunning. The human statues on each side of her are so different but truly unique and stunning. Everything about this makes me speechless! Keity looks incredible and absolutely represented her country so well. I love how much detail and work was put into this. Amazing job, Keity and her team!

Miss Universe Panama 2016, Keity Drennan,national costume
Miss Universe Panama 2016, Keity Drennan. Photo: Miss Universe Organization

Congratulations to all of the women who competed this past month, you all were so beautiful and worked so hard! We are all so proud of you and what you accomplished. (Read: 5 Must See Outfits from the Miss Universe 2016 Baguio Visit)


Which dress do you like better?

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