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Top 10 Pageant Choreographers of 2016

A pageant isn’t a show without someone organizing it! Have you watched an amazing pageant recently where everything was well put together and well rehearsed? That couldn’t happen without the help of amazing choreographers to help the ladies work the runway and what to do during the show. (Read: How to Not Fall When Walking in Heels on the Runway)

Here are what you all voted as the top choreographers of this great pageant world in 2016!

Top 10 Pageant Choreographers of 2016

10. Kayla Watson

Kayla is a choreographer for the USA National Miss pageant system. The system noted that she is the creative genius behind the curtains of the pageant. At a young age, she started producing the pageant nationally! (Read: 5 Fashion Runway Outfits for Preteens from USA National Miss 2016)

Kayla Watson. Photo: Amanda Ferguson Photo
Kayla Watson. Photo: Amanda Ferguson Photo

9. Nikki Peterson

Nikki is a Miss USA state pageant choreographer for the states Missouri, Arkansas, Illinois and Oklahoma. Nikki has been a dance team head coach and a choreographer, which helps her produce many state competitions!

Nikki Peterson. Photo: Nikki Peterson
Nikki Peterson. Photo: Nikki Peterson

8. Michael Hartman

Michael has been choreographing for the New Jersey National Teenager Pageant and doing such an amazing job. He has been responsible for choreography and pageant production in over 20 states, and even part of the Philadelphia Thanksgiving Day Parade production team!

Michael Hartmen. Photo: NJ National Teen Organization
Michael Hartman. Photo: New Jersey National Teenager Organization

7. Frank Arcidiacono

Frank is a choreographer for America’s Perfect and Florida International pageant systems and is part of the PR Pageant Coaches business. He works in dance and vocal talent as well and has been part of the pageant industry since 1997!

Frank Arcidiacono
Frank Arcidiacono. Photo: PR Pageant Coaches Website

6. Pamela Bolling

Pamela is a part of the Hardrive Productions for entertainment and has been working all over the country for the past 20 years. Pamela choreographs many pageants and also “One Magical Weekend in Orlando” – one of the largest LGBT Events in the world.

Pamela Bolling
Pamela Bolling. Photo: Hardrive Productions Website

5. Cambrie Littlefield

Cambrie is best known for her work on the TV Show “Toddlers and Tiaras” and has been working as a coach and choreographer for all ages for many years. Her passion is pageantry and she is always looking for that next ultimate supreme winner.

Cambrie Littlefield. Photo: Cambrie Littlefield Facebook
Cambrie Littlefield. Photo: Cambrie Littlefield Facebook

4. Breanne Ewing

Breanne choreographs one of the largest pageant systems in the nation for ages 4-18, National American Miss. She works with contestants on stage presence, confidence and lots of fun during rehearsals!

Breanne Ewing. Photo: Breanne Ewing
Breanne Ewing. Photo: Breanne Ewing

3. Kent Parham

Kent is one of the biggest choreographers in the Miss Universe Organization and works all over the nation in the United States. He choreographs states like Michigan and Ohio, as well as the national Miss Teen USA pageant. I have had the pleasure of working with him for 6 years and can honestly say he has helped me grow so much, not only in my walk but with my confidence and on stage presence as well.

Kent Parham. Photo: Kent Parham
Kent Parham. Photo: Kent Parham

2. Brittney Eskew

Brittney is the owner of Eskew Consulting, LLC. and has been working with clients on coaching, choreography and overall pageant help that they need. She is a mentor and dancer and works with so many to help build themselves up for their next competition.

Brittney Eskew and Client. Photo: Brittney Eskew Facebook
Brittney Eskew and client. Photo: Brittney Eskew Facebook

1. Shea Sullivan

Shea is the creative genius behind so many talent competition routines, including our Miss America 2013, Mallory Hagan! Shea is known for having the ability to bring out the best style and technique of each contestant she works with. Mallory Hagan says herself that she could not have won Miss America without Shea. Congratulations, Shea! (Read: 10 Tips For Your First Miss America Organization Interview)

Shea Sullivan. Photo: Choreography by Shea Sullivan Facebook Page
Shea Sullivan. Photo: Choreography by Shea Sullivan Facebook Page

Do you see your choreographer on the list? Give her a shoutout by sharing on social media and tagging her! They deserve all of the love and support after working so hard this past year. Congratulations to all of the choreographers!


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