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Top 10 Pageant Directors of 2014

miss tennessee, usa national miss
Miss Tennessee titleholders

We took nominations for who you thought were the top pageant directors over the last year and the votes are in! The tallies came in for who you thought were the top directors and without further ado, here they are!

10. Stephanie Warren Harris

America’s Natural Supreme Beauties is an up and coming event that is getting more popular every year, and perhaps some of that is due to the direction of Stephanie Harris. Stephanie takes the #10 spot in our top pageant directors.

9. Patty Hawkins

Miss American Coed has been around for several decades and Patty serves as the national director but also the state director for the majority of programs across the country. Many contestants who have participated in this program speak highly of Patty’s commitment to her winners and the positive values promoted by the system.

8. Steve and Kathleen Mayes

With National American Miss being such a big player in the game of pageantry overall, it’s not surprising that these two are appearing on our top ten list. They grew the National American Miss program into one of the most popular programs for young women in the country!

7. Liz McKinnon

Liz has directed more than 60 pageants and currently runs the National Canadian Girl program. The fact that she has successfully dedicated so many pageants means she has impacted a lot of young women and their families, which is why she’s appearing on the top ten list!

6. Renee McNair

Renee has earned her reputation working with the Miss United States program in North Carolina and South Carolina. This program is really picking up steam not just in these states but around the country. They have a broad range of eligibility in their age categories, so if you want to become a part of this program, now is definitely the time!

5. Breanne Ewing

This is the second mention for NAM directors on our list, and it’s clear that the queens who have had Breanne as a director are thrilled to have gotten the opportunity to work with her!

4. Nikki Clark

Miss Teen America seemingly dropped off the radar for a few years but it is back and better than ever. If you’re a Jr. Teen or a Teen, don’t miss out the great opportunities to represent this system and interact with a highly-recommended director!

3. Valerie Best

Valerie is the director of the BEST Shining Stars pageant in Indiana with lots of prelims throughout the state. Contestants in this program enjoy the positive experience to build their self-esteem.

2. Pat Miller

Pure American pageants is pretty new on the radar, but this is good news for contestants who are looking for a new program to try out. With a lot of categories, women of all ages enjoy this program with prelims across the country as well as a national program.

1. Jackie B. Watson

USA National Miss is another program to try out if you’re looking for a fun, fresh pageant to hone your skills and represent your state or the national pageant! Jackie’s queens are thrilled with the effort she makes to serve young women everywhere!

Congratulations to all of the top ten! We at the Pageant Planet are happy to share who you voted as the best!

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10 thoughts on “Top 10 Pageant Directors of 2014

  1. Is this ALL pageants regardless of type? I mean like International or National?

    1. Yes. This year there were not enough nominations to include additional categories.

  2. Thank you to all of my incredible ANSB families for giving me the best job in the world. I am so incredibly humbled to be mentioned with this group of talented directors. Congratulations to everyone!
    Stephanie Warren
    National Director, America’s Natural Supreme Beauties
    Local Director, Miss Ohio Valley Scholarship Organization MAO

  3. So extremely humbled to be on this list, and it is officially my 5th anniversary since I started this pageant! What a great anniversary gift! Thank you! National Director of National Canadian Girl, Teen and Miss Scholarship Program.

  4. So grateful to be on this list and extremely humbled to gain this recognition among a group of such wonderful directors. Congratulations to everyone! Thank you so much, Pageant Planet, and all of our pageant friends and especially to our UNM family! So blessed by this honor.

    Jackie Watson
    National Executive Director
    USA National Miss

  5. Thank You everyone!! I am humbled to be included with these other ladies. We all work so hard to do our very best and to care for these amazing young ladies and young men that work so hard to do their best. Our leaders of tomorrow! Pure American pageants strives to be a leader and to be at the forefront of new things to come. Love you all!!

  6. I do not support Canada in getting to the top ten. I have my personal reasons- email me or call in the phone number I provided- there are many other directors out there worthy of this title. For example Joanne with Miss All Canadian Pageants has been doing pageants in Canada well over 28 years. Had we as pageant mothers known about this we would have voted. Miss All Canadian has supporters across Canada and USA. Miss All Canadian is fair and after each category, judging occurs immediately – the judges have the paper and then immediately turn it to the MC and they are announced. Please email me notification of nominations and I will nominate and thousands of mothers will vote for Miss All Canadian. These pageants are fun

    Another example is Monica with Regal Majesty Pageant in Washington State. She has been running quality pageants for many years. Many pageant parents are happy with her and how she runs her program. She is fair and her pageants are fun!

    1. While I can understand your opinion, this was not a hand-selected list where we chose to honor some and “shun” others and this is mentioned twice in the article. Our readers cast their votes via nominations and whoever received the most votes was #1, etc. Since there are only ten spots, I’m sure there are plenty of other deserving directors with fans out there. Next year I recommend casting your vote and spreading the word for the directors you like if you hope to see someone else represented.

    2. I TOTALLY Disagree with you. Miss All Canadian is a JOKE of a pageant, its a money grab, the winners are the ones that pay the most and enter all the “extra” categories. And thier judging and award system is so lame. Only 2 winners? For 160$ you walk away with a 3″ tiara,a ribbon, and a piece of paper saying you participated. Joanne has her favorites and the same girls win everytime. Yeah they are all across Canada, but that dosn’t mean anything….. What pageant dosn’t award Ultimate Grand, Grand, Supremes etc…..? Miss All Canadian. At least Liz Mckinnons pageants are run like a REAL pageant!! Her crowns are awsome, she has real awards and uses the bumping system when crowning!! Miss All Canadian needs to get with the rest of the pageant world and at least crown Ultimates, grands etc. Not just 1 0-3 winner and 1 4+ winner….

  7. Congratulations to all the directors who made it to the top ten! Many of these directors truly deserve recognition for their unnoticed hard work these countless years. Patty Hawkins is a true pageant Alumni and has paved the way for upcoming pageants. But I have to say… Nikki Clark has done extraordinary in balancing two MAJOR pageants all year long among the many state pageants… Miss Teen America and International Junior Miss. Nikki has set the bar very high in the modern pageant industry setting new trends with her originality. She’s a sweet and dedicated woman. Her staff blows me away with their professionalism and well mannered behavior. International Junior Miss has really held up to the name “International”, she has girls from all over the globe; Australia, Dominican Republic, Great Britain. The show produced by International Junior Miss even the state pageants are always AMAZING! I’ve seen so many other directors copying her work, but that’s how you know you are doing something right! Congrats again to everyone! So proud to be apart of pageantry!

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