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Top 10 Preteen Fun Fashion Outfits of 2016

The competition or optional portion of fun fashion in any pageant is a great opportunity for the contestants to show a spark of their personality and showcase each individual’s expression on stage.

Especially for the Preteen age category, the sky is the limit for outfit ideas, and the styles range from casual to formal with exciting elements to keep the phase fresh. (Read: Top 10 Preteen Evening Gowns of 2016)

Today we are sharing our top ten favorite preteen fun fashion outfits of 2016.

Top 10 Preteen Fun Fashion Outfits of 2016

10. Preteen United States, Kendall Bear

How adorable is this perfectly fitted poof dress on Kendall? The beadwork on the bodice is just enough to keep the look balanced from top to bottom and draw the audience’s and judge’s eyes up to her beautiful face.

Instead of picking a standard strappy heel, Kendall opted for the perfect matching shade of blue sneakers! I think this look is completely age appropriate and shows Kendall’s playful side.

preteen united states, kendall bear
Preteen United States, Kendall Bear. Photo: Preteen United States

9. USA National Miss New Jersey Jr. Teen,  Alyssa Lego

Alyssa’s red choice is stunning against her skin tone and brunette locks. The ornate details of the jumpsuit are not only elegant, but fashion-forward at the same time.

The skirting overlay adds great movement to the look, while the beaded waistband and sweetheart necklace expertly show Alyssa’s figure. (Read: 5 Fashion Runway Outfits for Younger Contestants from USA National Miss)

usa national miss new jersey jr teen
USA National Miss New Jersey Jr. Teen, Alyssa Lego. Photo: USA National Miss New Jersey


8. NAM Rochester Preteen, Annaliese Arena 

This gown is a dream! I feel as though Annaliese floated down from the clouds in this ethereal blush dress.

The strapless construction is lovely on her capped shoulders, while the perfectly placed bow on the waistline conveys her small frame. Lastly, the high-low hem helps the ruffle details on the lower section of the dress gracefully fall atop the floor.

nam rochester preteen fun fashion
NAM Rochester Preteen, Annaliese Arena. Photo: NAM


7. Regal Majesty Lifetime Ambassador Preteen, Ashley Berginc

With the jumpsuit trend going strong into 2017, it can be hard to make a jumpsuit stand out on stage. However, Ashley’s contrasting top and bottom portion make for a great combination that pops!

The added overskirt in a bubble gum pink shows her playful side without being over the top. Strappy heels give Ashley a little added height and polish to the look.

regal majesty lifetime preteen fun fashion
Regal Majesty Lifetime Ambassador Preteen, Ashley Berginc. Photo: Regal Majesty


6. International Junior Miss Georgia Preteen, Ashlyn Meadows

Again, a jumpsuit steals the show for Ashlyn Meadows’ fun fashion outfit. To keep the ensemble delicate and fresh, Ashlyn opted for a lavender shade of purple with plenty of sparkle.

For me, the difference maker for this jumpsuit is the skirting overlay. Rather than a hefty fabric that would add volume, Ashlyn’s skirt overlay is a soft, flowy material. I love how glamourous this entire look is.

international junior miss georgia preteen fun fashion
International Junior Miss Georgia Preteen, Ashlyn Meadows. Photo: International Junior Miss

5. International Junior Miss Lonestar State Preteen, Jaidyn Fountain

With her petite frame and stature, Jaidyn’s outfit could easily overtake her look if she let it. To keep the look from overpowering her size, I am obsessed with the choice of shorts on the bottom portion of this one-piece wear.

The shorts help move the eyes up and down her entire outfit, making her actually appear taller. Not to mention the jade-green color is perfection against her warm complexion.

international junior miss lonestar state preteen fun fashion
International Junior Miss Lonestar State Preteen, Jaidyn Fountain. Photo: International Junior Miss

4. Miss Royalty International Jr. Teen, Alaysia Nelson 

Wow, this outfit truly showcases the individual style and flair of Alaysia! Can we just take a moment to appreciate her choice for shoes – the caged booties not only scream on-trend, but also are such a unique choice for on stage!

The black and gold high-low dress stands out against the backdrop and the movement of the skirt is fantastic.

miss royalty international preteen fun fashion
Miss Royalty International Jr. Teen, Alaysia Nelson. Photo: Miss Royalty International

3. International Junior Miss Southern States Preteen, Rylee Wright

I don’t think the skirted jumpsuit will be leaving the fun fashion portion of Preteen phases anytime soon! Rylee’s unique color combination juxtaposes against her fiery red hair in a beautifully unexpected way. The teal color makes her eyes truly shine.

The strapless construction also helped this skirted jumpsuit stand out, even on this list, since it is the only strapless version of a skirted jumpsuit we included.

international junior miss southern states fun fashion
International Junior Miss Southern States Preteen, Rylee Wright. Photo: International Junior Miss

2. International Junior Miss Louisiana Preteen, Christian Loque

Taking a cue from multiple Miss USA and Miss America contestants in 2016, Christian incorporated a cape to her fun fashion outfit. What a great way to incorporate two trends at once, the shorts jumpsuit and cape.

The long, flowy cape in back actually helps Christian appear taller because of the column effect; it naturally forces the eye to move up and down her stature. The color is fantastic against her platinum blonde hair, while the neckline is feminine and age-appropriate. (Read: 5 Talent Outfit Ideas from International Junior Miss 2016 Titleholders)

international junior miss louisiana preteen fun fashion
International Junior Miss Louisiana Preteen, Christian Loque. Photo: International Junior Miss

1. USA National Miss Preteen, Taylor Hughes

It is no wonder this outfit has ranked our list at number one for the Preteen fun fashions of 2016. The movement of the skirt is stunning, and the colors are absolutely vibrant.

Taylor’s twirling of the skirting overlay is perfection as she walked the stage, creating the illusion of the roses being in full bloom. My favorite portion of this outfit is the neckline. The inversion of the bodice shows her slender arms and shoulders.

usa national miss preteen fun fashion
USA National Miss Preteen, Taylor Hughes. Photo: International Junior Miss

The top ten countdowns just keep coming here at The Pageant Planet. We love to see your submissions and ideas for all of our top ten lists, so keep checking back to see if your favorites make our lists.

Which dress do you like better?

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