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Top 10 Swimsuit Bodies at Miss Universe 2016

Yes, the Super Bowl of pageants just aired on Sunday, January 29. Our new Miss Universe was crowned, but every contestant was stunning. I do not envy the job of the judges; trying to pick just one beautiful, articulate and deserving lady is overwhelming.

As you know, the final night of the pageant was narrowed down to just the top selection of ladies. The majority of the public did not see each and every contestant’s phase of competition. (Read: What You NEED to Know to Prepare for Pageant Fitness Wear)

I sat and watched the swimsuit competition from the preliminaries as well as the finals night to create my top 10 swimsuit figures of the entire competition. This is my personal list overall, from both preliminaries and finals night.

Top 10 Swimsuit Bodies at Miss Universe 2016

10. Miss USA, Deshauna Barber 

With her long legs for days, Deshauna Barber, Miss USA, looked stunning in her yellow swimsuit on the Miss Universe stage. It is clear that she not only spent time working on her cardio, but she also watched her macro intake and eating plan. (Read: 7 Tips to Get Miss USA Legs)

Deshuana Barber, Miss USA,swimsuit
Miss USA 2016, Deshauna Barber, competes at the Miss Universe stage on January 29. Photo courtesy: Tom Starkweather

9. Miss Haiti, Raquel Pelissier

Raquel Pelissier, Miss Haiti 2016, rocked her bandeau style bikini on the Miss Universe stage. Not only did this style of swim top stand out, but it also showcased her coconut shoulders.

Her rounded shoulders and toned arms pair perfectly with her long, statuesque legs. She clearly spent time prepping for her moment on stage, and the judges were able to see this dedication.

Miss Haiti, Raquel Pelissier
Raquel Pelissier, Miss Haiti 2016 in a bandeau bikini at Miss Universe 2016. Photo credit: Tom Starkweather.

8. Miss Argentina, Estefania Bernal 

Estefania Bernal, Miss Argentina, gracefully walks the Miss Universe stage and showcases her washboard abs. It is clear she put in the hard work the past months leading up to the pageant.

Abs like Estefania’s are made in the kitchen just as much as they are made in the gym!

Miss Argentina,swimsuit,estefania bernal
Estefania Bernal, Miss Argentina 2016, looks stunning in her pink swimsuit at Miss Universe 2016. Photo Courtesy Tom Starkweather.

7. Miss South Africa, Ntandoyenkosi Kunene

Can we just take a moment to appreciate Miss South Africa’s perfectly perky pony during the swimsuit phase of competition? Not only was her hair on point, but the sunny yellow of her bikini looked fantastic on her skin.

Her long, lean legs showcase her tall stature, but also her tiny waist is shown in her perfect posing and stance.

Miss South Africa,swimsuit,ntandoyenkosi kunene
Ntandoyenkosi Kunene, Miss South Africa 2016, strutting her swimsuit body at Miss Universe 2016. Photo courtesy of Tom Starkweather.

6. Miss Sweden, Ida Ovmar 

Ida looked stunning on stage during her swimsuit portion of the competition.  She already has a slender frame, but it is easy to tell she also worked hard to create the tonality and muscle definition in the months leading up to the competition.

Genetic makeup only goes so far when prepping a physique for a pageant. It takes dedication to healthy, nutritious foods, paired with a workout routine. I mean look at those calves! (Read: How to Get Perfect Pageant Legs)

Miss sweden, Ida Ovmar,swimsuit
Miss Sweden 2016, Ida Ovmar, shows her figure at Miss Universe 2016. Photo credit: Tom Starkweather

5. Miss Venezuela, Mariam Habach

Apparently, there is something in the water of South America. Maybe I should just move down there in order to look like a bodacious bronze goddess?

Mariam has a tiny waist already, but her hard work and dedication to keeping away from the donuts are apparent. Her petite upper body is only made more perfect by her toned and strong-looking legs.

Mariam Habach, Miss Venezuela
Mariam Habach, Miss Venezuela 2016, looks toned at Miss Universe. Photo credit: Tom Starkweather.

4. Miss Iceland, Hildur Maria

I absolutely love how Hildur kept her very feminine figure for her swimsuit portion of the competition. Not only do her legs have a very shapely tonality, but her hourglass figure still takes center stage.

There is a unique, soft and curvaceous outline to her shape. This curvy figure juxtaposes perfectly with her defined quads and slender arms. (Read: How to Get Perfect Pageant Arms)

Miss Iceland, Hildur Maria,swimsuit
Miss Iceland 2016, Hildur Maria, showcases a feminine shape on the Miss Universe stage. Photo credit: Tom Starkweather

3. Miss Germany, Johanna Acs

Although I wasn’t thrilled by her swimsuit choice (a beautiful swimsuit, but the print was a bit distracting for my taste), Johanna Acs, Miss Germany 2016, killed the swimsuit walk and confidence portion of the competition.

I always think it is encouraging to see strong women on stage that are not rail thin. Johanna has clearly worked hard at the gym to earn her stunning figure. Her long, lean torso creates ab-envy and something to strive for! Just one more sit-up!

Johanna Acs, Miss Germany
Johanna Acs, Miss Germany 2016, shows her long, lean torso at the swimsuit competition during Miss Universe 2016. Photo courtesy of Tom Starkweather.

2. Miss France, Iris Mittenaere 

It is clear what the judges saw in Iris, not just in her grace and dignity through onstage question and evening gown, but her level of fitness is not to be taken lightly.

Her quads show her definition and the fact that she spent numerous hours at the gym squatting and developing her muscles. This, combined with high protein intake, has clearly worked well for her flawless figure. No wonder Iris is our new Miss Universe! (Read: Miss France Official: No Cosmetic Surgery for Iris Mittenaere)

Iris Mittenaere, Miss Universe
Miss France 2016, and now Miss Universe 2016, Iris Mittenaere flaunts her hard work in the swimsuit portion of the competition. Photo courtesy of Tom Starkweather.

1. Miss Brazil, Raissa Santana 

I am so thrilled to see women on the global pageant stage that showcase every body type. My number one pick for this list had to be Miss Brazil, Raissa Santana, because she truly embodies the fact that strong is sexy.

Her quads and calves show her definition in a feminine way. She looked utterly confident and at peace on that stage, strutting her stuff in a chili red bikini.

Miss Brazil Raissa Santana
Miss Brazil 2016, Raissa Santana, earned the number one spot on my list. Photo courtesy of Tom Starkweather.

It was so hard for me to narrow down this list to just 10 women! Looking back over all the pictures and videos, every single contestant rocked the swimsuit portion of the competition. (Read: Miss France Crowned Miss Universe 2016)

Who made your top 10 swimsuit list? Leave them in the comments section!



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