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Top 15 Headshots of Miss Earth 2017

The winners of the 2017 Miss Earth Pageant pose after coronation night. From left to right: Miss Earth 2017 Karen Ibasco. Photo: Miss Earth
The winners of the 2017 Miss Earth Pageant pose after coronation on November 4, 2017. From left to right: Miss Earth Fire Lada Akimova (Russia), Miss Earth Water Juliana Franco (Colombia), Miss Earth 2017 Karen Ibasco (Philippines) and Miss Earth Air Nina Robertson ( Australia). Photo: Miss Earth

Miss Earth is considered one of the eight “Grand Slam” international pageants. After a month of competition, Karen Ibascoa of the Philippines beat out a whopping 86 delegates for the crown on November 4, 2017. She was crowned by the outgoing Miss Earth 2016 Katherine Espín of Ecuador. Ibascoa’s win marks the fourth time a delegate from the Philippines has won the Miss Earth crown. (Read: Miss Earth United States 2017 Evening Gown: HIT or MISS?)

With almost 100 contestants from across the world vying for the elite crown, choosing the top headshots was no easy task. In addition, with the same photographer taking all the delegates photos, every single contestant ended up with a beautiful headshot. With so many photos, it would be an injustice to only highlight a top 10.

Top 15 Headshots of Miss Earth 2017

15. Miss Earth Belgium 2017, Lauralyn Vermeersch

Lauralyn’s headshot is full of personality. From the enticing expression and sly smile to the commanding earrings, the photo grabs your attention. Being able to convey this amount of confidence through a photo shows you are comfortable in front of a camera, a big must in being an international titleholder.

A great way to pull off wearing an earring this big in a headshot is to take a page from Lauralyn’s book and only show one. With this much shine, one earring adds plenty of sparkle to a photo this close up. Show off the pair on stage with an updo and high neckline evening gown. (Read: How to Match Your Hairstyle with Your Dress Neckline)

Miss Belgium Earth 2017 Lauralyn Vermeetsch. Photo: Miss Earth
Miss Earth Belgium 2017 Lauralyn Vermeersch. Photo: Miss Earth

14. Miss Earth Austria 2017, Bianca Kronsteiner

Hands can be risky in a headshot. When used without meaning, hands can ruin an otherwise gorgeous photo. Bianca used her hands expertly. (Read: 6 Tips to Have a Stunning Pageant Headshot)

Her hand is delicately placed to draw the eye to her strong jawline; a great strategy for a close-up photo. Her finger is pointing, which guides you from her jawline up to her eyes. This highlights Bianca’s eyes, resulting in a stunning photo.

Miss Austria Earth 2017 Bianca Kronsteiner. Photo: Miss Earth
Miss Earth Austria 2017 Bianca Kronsteiner. Photo: Miss Earth

13. Miss Earth United States 2017, Andreia Gibau

This is a totally different look from Andreia’s look in the headshot she submitted for Miss Earth United States 2017 as Miss Massachusetts. This shows that Andreia is versatile look. Her deep stare and pouty lip create a mesmerizing expression that keeps your attention. (Read: Top 10 Headshots of Miss Earth United States 2017)

Not surprisingly, this natural beauty made the Top 16, scored a silver medal in the resort wear competition as well as a bronze medal in the swimsuit competition.

Miss USA Earth 2017 Andreia Gibau. Photo: Miss Earth
Miss Earth United States 2017 Andreia Gibau. Photo: Miss Earth

12. Miss Earth Croatia 2017, Bonita Kristic 

When a photo is simple but done perfectly, the result can be incredible. With neutral make-up and no accessories, Bonita let the talent of the photographer speak for itself. (Read: How to Pick the Right Pageant Headshot Photographer for You)

One of the reasons this photo works so well is the pose. Bonita tilted her head back slightly, which show off her long neck. This type of pose is great for appearing long and lean, even in a headshot.

Miss Croatia Earth 2017 Bonita Kristic Photo: Miss Earth
Miss Earth Croatia 2017 Bonita Kristic Photo: Miss Earth

11. Miss Earth Colombia 2017, Juliana Franco

The new Miss Earth Water looks like a modern-day Barbie in her headshot. The pastel makeup highlights her pale eyes and gorgeous smile. Her eyebrows are perfectly shaped, which help create the ideal smoky eye. (Read: How to Create a Smokey Eye for Green and Blue Eyes)

Juliana not only brought back an elemental queen title home to Colombia, she took home the silver in the Miss Photogenic competition voted on by fans like you! With a stunning headshot like this, it is easy to see why!

Miss Colombia Earth 2017 Juilana Franco. Photo: Miss Earth
Miss Earth Colombia 2017 Juliana Franco. Photo: Miss Earth

10. Miss Earth Ecuador 2017, Lessie Giler Sanchez

How can you not smile when you look at this photo? Lessie embraced her bubbly personality and it shined through in her headshot. Her smile is wide and vibrate.

Her statement earrings add another pop of color to the photo. The shade of blue complements her eyeshadow. Paired with thick winged eyeliner, the look is girly and youthful. The look is perfect for the 18-year-old contestant. (Read: What Does Your Headshot Say About Your Brand?)

Miss Ecuador Earth 2017 Lessie Giler Sanchez. Photo: Miss Earth
Miss Earth Ecuador 2017 Lessie Giler Sanchez. Photo: Miss Earth

9. Miss Earth England 2017, Charlotte Brooke

If you have red hair, use it in your headshot. Red is not a common color, so it automatically stands out in a sea of brown, black and blonde. Brooke embraced her inner Jessica Rabbit with curls, a bold brow and perfect liner.

Again, hands can be tricky. Brooke was careful and placed her hand right under her jawline to highlight it. In addition, she made a clever move with a ring as her accessory. It ties her hand into the shot seamlessly. (Read: Miss Earth England Left Without National Costume)

Miss England Earth 2017 Charlotte Brooke. Photo: Miss Earth
Miss Earth England 2017 Charlotte Brooke. Photo: Miss Earth

8. Miss Earth Hungary 2017, Viktoria Viczian

Another incredible but simple photo. Viktoria let her natural beauty shine through with a straight-on pose, pouty lip and killer smize. She paired a bold brow with thick lashes and dark eyeshadow to help her eyes pop. A simple, pale pink gloss ties the look together. (Read: How To Create The Perfect Lip in 3 Minutes)

Miss Hungary Earth 2017 Viktoria Viczian. Photo: Miss Earth
Miss Earth Hungary 2017 Viktoria Viczian. Photo: Miss Earth

7. Miss Earth Nigeria 2017, Akani Eucharia

This is such a soft, warm photo. Akani has a gorgeous smile and she let be the star of her headshot. The angle of the photo also accentuates her heart-shaped jawline.

It is important to remember to match your headshot to the pageant. For example, you do not want to submit a heavily edited photo with caked on the makeup for a pageant that has a clear eco-friendly mindset. Her natural earth-toned makeup is perfect for the pageant in which she was competing. (Read: Secret to Taking a Winning Pageant Headshot)

Miss Nigeria Earth 2017 Akani Eucharia. Photo: Miss Earth
Miss Earth Nigeria 2017 Akani Eucharia. Photo: Miss Earth

6. Miss Earth Philippines 2017, Karen Ibascoa

Of course, the new Miss Earth 2017 made the list! She is gorgeous! Karen was not only crowned the new Miss Earth, she also brought back five medals from the preliminary competition. She won gold medals in the press presentation, national costume and swimsuit competitions as well as silver medals in the resort wear and long gown competitions. (Read: Miss Philippines Earth 2017 Contestants Turn Recyclables into Fashion)

While she went with a similar angle to Miss Earth Belgium, her small earrings work better for the photo. They add just a small amount of sparkle and instead allow 100 percent the attention to be on Karen’s face. Combined with her fresh makeup and smile, the look makes for a timeless and effortless headshot.

Miss Earth Philippines 2017 Karen Ibascoa. Photo: Miss Earth
Miss Earth Philippines 2017 Karen Ibascoa. Photo: Miss Earth

5. Miss Earth Panama 2017, Erika Parker

A 3/4 headshot is a fantastic way to highlight the eyes and cheekbones. Erika takes that tip and went one step further by choosing a headshot that was framed differently compared to many contestants. She is positioned in the upper left-hand corner of the photo while most of the other contestants are centered. The move helps her headshot stand out in the crowd to help catch the judges’ attention.

A dark red lip, perfect for fall/winter, is a girl’s best friend when done correctly. Paired with a smoky eye, the look is dramatic and glamorous. (Read: 7 Steps to Applying Red Lipstick)

Miss Panama Earth 2017 Erika Parker. Photo: Miss Earth
Miss Earth Panama 2017 Erika Parker. Photo: Miss Earth

4. Miss Earth Vietnam 2017, Le Thi Ha Thu

A great way to ensure you are never overdoing your makeup is wearing only one trend at a time.  Le Thi Ha Thu’s wing eyeliner adds just enough drama to the orange and peach toned makeup. Her skin is glowing and her smile is radiant. (Read: How to Use Tape to Apply Eyeliner)

I love that her statement earrings are wood instead of gems. The move away from sparkle is not typical in pageant headshots, but her take on the trend separates her from other headshots accessorized with statement earrings.

The look helped her take home the gold medal in the Miss Photogenic competition. She won another gold medal in resort wear, bronze medals in talent and long gown competitions and placed in the Top 16.

Miss Vietnam Earth 2017 Le Thi Ha Thu. Photo: Miss Earth
Miss Earth Vietnam 2017 Le Thi Ha Thu. Photo: Miss Earth

3. Miss Earth Venezuela 2017, Ninoska Vasquez

Ninoska made her country proud bringing home Venezuela’s 13th consecutive placement. In addition, she’s bringing back some impressive hardware with five medals from the preliminary competitions.

She won gold medals in the resort wear, long gown and national costume competitions. Her performance in the swimsuit competition earned her a silver medal. Finally, Vasquez’s fifth medal was a well-deserved bronze in the Miss Photogenic competition.

With cheekbones like this, I have to agree she is one of the most photogenic delegates this year. Further proof of how flattering a 3/4 shot can be, this puts her cheekbones front and center. Her makeup is simple but elegant, which allows the natural beauty to be the star of the photo. (Read: The Benefits of Modeling Skills in Pageantry)

Miss Venezuela Earth 2017 Ninoska Vasquez. Photo: Miss Earth
Miss Earth Venezuela 2017 Ninoska Vasquez. Photo: Miss Earth

2. Miss Earth Pakistan 2017, Ramina Ashfaque

Did Tyra Banks herself teach these ladies how to smize, because they are killing it! It is nearly impossible to look away from Ramina’s breath-taking eyes. She enhanced her natural beauty with impeccable eyeliner and lashes. Her rosy lip complements her green eyes while allowing them to remain the focus of the photo. (Read: 5 Makeup Styles for People with Green Eyes)

Her statement earrings are the embodiment of the term. Normally, an earring this ornate would be distracting in a headshot. However, paired with very simple but classy makeup, the combination is perfect.

Now if only I could get my eyebrows to look this good, I would feel like I have my life together a little more…

Miss Pakistan Earth 2017 Ramina Ashfaque. Photo: Miss Earth
Miss Earth Pakistan 2017 Ramina Ashfaque. Photo: Miss Earth

1. Miss Earth Wales 2017, Sophie Bettridge

This is proof that old Hollywood glamour is a timeless beauty trend. Sophie’s headshot is simply stunning. Her gaze is mysterious, captivating and full of such expression that one wonders what she is thinking. While this look has been seen many times in headshots, Sophie’s modern makeup choices revamp and personalize this look to land her in the number one spot.

She drew additional attention to her gaze with a dramatic smoky eye paired with a nude lip. The nude lip was one of the best choices in modern makeup history. Traditionally, Hollywood glamour means a dark red lipstick. Ditching the red for the nude kept 100 percent of the attention on her eyes and made her expression much more impactful and memorable. (Read: Best Lipstick Colors for Skin Tones)

Miss Wales Earth 2017 Sophie Bettridge. Photo: Miss Earth
Miss Earth Wales 2017 Sophie Bettridge. Photo: Miss Earth

Every single delegate that competed submitted a gorgeous headshot they will be able to use for years to come. Narrowing it down to only 15 was no easy task. What do you think? Did your favorite make the cut? Comment below!

Which dress do you like better?

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