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Top 5 Makeup Trends for 2017

eye liner, cat eye
Miss USA 2016, Deshauna Barber, is ahead of the 2017 makeup trend with her intense cat eyeliner. Photo: Hampton Roads Messenger.

Happy New Year, Pageant Planet family! I hope your 2017 is off to a great start and that you are ready for a fresh beginning.

With a new year, that means an opportunity to change up your makeup routine. What better time is there to learn the hottest makeup trends from the runways? (Read: 5 Ways to Master Your Runway Walk)

Read on to find my favorite makeup ideas and products to have your winter makeup game on point.

Top 5 Makeup Trends for 2017

1. Glittering Lips

This trend started before 2016 officially ended, but it will translate well into 2017, especially wearable around Valentine’s Day and evening appearances.

Grab your favorite loose glitter – the smaller the flecks the better. Apply your favorite red lipstick and pat some shimmering glitter on top while the lipstick is still a bit dewy. Once you have the glitter on, try not to rub your lips together in order to keep the shine in place.

glitter lips
Try glittering lips for yourself in 2017! Photo: Marie Claire

Keep the rest of your makeup simple; a nude eye topped with mascara will be plenty to keep the focus on your flirty pout.

2. All Over Highlight

For the perfect “lit from within” glow, try this makeup trick day or night. Simply add a few drops of liquid bronzer or illuminator into your regular liquid foundation. A little will go a long way, so start with just a few drops. (Read: How to Apply Pageant Blush and Highlighter)

My favorite liquid bronzer is Benefit’s Dew the Hoola, available at Ulta.

liquid illuminator
Benefit’s Dew the Hoola liquid illuminator. Photo: Ulta.com

Mix the foundation and bronzer together with a brush and apply your makeup as normal for a sheer glow.

For lids, apply a coppery shadow, focusing the color on the center of the eyelid.

3. Fierce Feline

A good cat eye will always be in style, but this trend takes Taylor Swift’s iconic look up a notch.

Rather than lining the entire upper lid, start by drawing your line from the center of the upper lid to the outer corner. (Read: How To Apply Eyeliner For Pageant Girls)

Next, move to your bottom lash line and start a new line from the outer third of your lower lashes to the outer corner.

Last, add your wing, extending the sweep as far out as your eyebrow arch. For an extra wow factor, use an angled brush to sweep over your eyeliner in a deep shadow color, like blue or purple, to make your peepers pop! (For extra tips on lining your eyes, read: 6 Steps To Create the Perfect Cat Eye.)

Makeup artist and Pageant Planet contributor, Alex Kelly, suggests adding a pop of color to your eyeliner, no matter your eye’s color. She also had the following to say regarding other liner colors.

“People tend to shy away from any eyeliner other than black,” Kelly said. “But there is always a new world to explore when it comes to eyeliner. Brown eyeliner is an absolute winner in my book, for absolutely any eye color. It is good to explore what types of colors to use on your eyes because you can always find something you love that is new!”

4. Rose Gold

Instead of looking at life through rose-colored glasses, start putting that rosey tint on your face!

Start with a sheer coverage product, like a BB cream or tinted moisturizer.

Next, use a gel or cream blush in a pink or mauve tone and blend in with fingertips to keep the glow natural. Add a shimmery champagne eye shadow and you are fit to look like an ethereal princess.

I have been loving Bobbi Brown’s Shimmer Wash Eye Shadow in Petal as it gives the eyelid just enough shimmer to catch the light but is still great for wearing during the daytime.

rose gold, eye shadow
Bobbi Brown shimmer wash eye shadow in Petal, from Macys.com

5. Color Correcting 

Makeup artists and product lines have expanded our ability to correct or hide any blemish with the highly scientific process behind color correcting.

Product lines have expanded beyond the basic peach tone of color correcting pigment to lavender hues, green, and many more. When used correctly, these products can do wonders for your complexion.

Alex also said the following about using color correction.

“When you use color correction in the right way, it does wonders for your skin and makeup,” Kelly said. “You can eliminate dark circles, or even add brightness to your skin.”

color correcting
A quick, basic guide for color correcting tones. Photo: Pinterest.com

The world of color correction may seem unknown, but start playing around to see what shades and tones are right for you. (To learn more about my favorite dark circle eliminator, read: 10 Common Makeup Mistakes and How to Fix Them.)

What will be your favorite product or technique this year? I personally can’t wait to try the glittering lips. Leave your favorite trend in the comments!

Which dress do you like better?

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