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Top 5 Miss America 2018 Contestants Will Be Asked a Second Onstage Question

The onstage question can feel like the most challenging aspect of the competition for many pageant contestants. Not only will the top contestants in Miss America 2018 have to go through the nerve-wrecking experience once, several of them will feel the pressure twice on finals night. (Read: 10 Tips for Your First Miss America Organization Interview)

About the recent onstage question changes

Traditionally, the top 5 contestants on the Miss America final night of competition will be asked one onstage question by the panel of finale judges. These questions can be political or controversial in nature and therefore a point of tension for many contestants who are required to participate in that round of competition. (Read: How to Answer an Onstage Question Confidently When You Don’t Know the Answer)

Photo: Miss America Instagram (@missamerica)
Photo: Miss America Instagram (@missamerica)

This year, long-time Miss America Organization Chief Executive Officer Sam Haskell revealed that there will be two rounds of onstage questions. The top seven of the top 10 will be selected to answer the first round of onstage questions. From there, the top five of those seven will answer a second onstage question. Both questions will likely focus on current events, social issues or similar topics. (Read: New Miss America President Makes Changes)

Haskell revealed that the purpose of this second round of questioning is to allow the judges an opportunity to better know the contestants’ personalities. He said, “It’s an opportunity to know who they are, so we decided to add a second question. They can’t prepare for it; it’s not about their platform.”

What this means for this year’s Miss America 2018 contestants

Although there may be added pressure on finals night, many of these women are well-equipped to handle the additional question. With so many of them having incredible aspirations and experiences, one additional question may seem like a breeze. In addition, all of the women competing at Miss America have prepared extensively for the interview process at Miss America as it collectively counts for 30 percent of a contestant’s score. (Read: 10 Common Questions Asked in a Miss America Interview)

In the past, topics like the Tom Brady Super Bowl fiasco and Democratic Presidential Nominee Hillary Clinton have been covered by this onstage question competition. Contestants in the pageant this year can expect questions of a similar caliber on Sunday. We cannot wait for the final night!

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